Missoula Curling to Host Second ZooTown Bonspiel

It is time for Missoula to welcome curlers from across the region to our second annual ZooTown Bonspiel. Last year’s bonspiel, the first in club history, attracted teams from Idaho and Washington as well as curlers from Calgary and elsewhere. This year’s competition should be just as intense.

Schedule for This Weekend’s Bonspiel

Usquebag Division- “water of life” Scotch Whiskey.

Stone Rollers
Hicks Rink
Goon Squad
Molson Canadians
Scots on the Rocks

Houilles Division- Wild, Drunken brawls.

Dr Pete Chiro
Eh Team
Fellowship of the Rocks

Friday March 23rd
9pm Draw-
Sheet 1 Stone Rollers vs Molson Canadians
Sheet 2 Hicks Rink vs Scots on the Rocks
Sheet 3 Eh Team vs Fellowship of the Rocks
Sheet 4 Dr Pete Chiro vs Osprey
Bye- Goon Squad/Rockstar

1030pm Draw-
Sheet 1 Scots on Rocks vs Stone Rollers
Sheet 2 Molson Canadians vs Goon Squad
Sheet 3 Osprey vs Eh Team
Sheet 4 Fellowship of the Rocks vs Rockstars
Bye-Hicks Rink/Dr Pete Chiro

Saturday March 24th
9am Draw-
Sheet 1 Goon Squad vs Scots on the Rocks
Sheet 2 Stone Rollers vs Hicks Rink
Sheet 3 Rockstars vs Osprey
Sheet 4 Eh Team vs Dr Pete Chiro
Bye-Molson Canadians/Fellowship of the Rocks

1030am Draw-
Sheet 1 Hicks Rink vs Goon Squad
Sheet 2 Scots on the Rocks vs Molson Canadians
Sheet 3 Dr Pete Chiro vs Rockstars
Sheet 4 Osprey vs Fellowship of the Rocks
Bye- Stone Rollers/Eh Team

12-230 Chili Feed.

230pm Draw-
Sheet 1 Molson Canadians vs Hicks Rink
Sheet 2 Goon Squad vs Stone Rollers
Sheet 3 Fellowship of the Rocks vs Dr Pete Chiro
Sheet 4 Rockstars vs Eh Team
Bye- Scots on the Rocks/Osprey

4pm Draw-
Sheet 1 Usquebag 1 vs Houilles 2
Sheet 2 Usquebag 3 vs Houilles 3 (5th place game)
Sheet 3 Usquebag 4 vs Houilles 4 (7th place game)
Sheet 4 Usquebag 2 vs Houilles 1

Championship Draw  Time to be determined Depending on Maulers Win/Loss Friday March 23rd
Sheet 1 Winner Sheet 1 vs Winner Sheet 4
Sheet 2 Loser Sheet 1 vs Loser Sheet 4
Sheet 3 Usquebag 5 vs Houilles 5 (9th place game)


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