Winter Season Planning Underway… And We Need Your Help

Hitting the ice at last week's Learn to Curl

It’s been a long, smoky summer, but it’s time to start thinking of ice and nights of curling.

Winter League curling details are starting to take shape! The league will run from November 16 until the end of February. Games will be on Saturday nights at either 9 pm or 10:30 pm. Teams are guaranteed 8 games which includes a minimum of one playoff game. But we need your help in figuring out just how big the league will be this fall.

If you are planning on fielding (or is that icing?) a team for the winter league, we need to know. Even if you want to curl, but don’t yet have a team, shoot us a note. This is not official (the forms and all will be coming later), but this is to help us plan the league and figure out how much ice time we need.

Please email cyrmontana [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know if you are in.

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