July Club Minutes

The Curling Board met this week and approved the minutes of our last meeting in July. I know you all have been breathlessly waiting to see who made it to the meeting and what we discussed/decided. Wait no longer…

Agenda MCC July 16, 7-9pm ST. Paul’s Lutheran Church meeting room
Call to order.
Shelly Ellis has resigned

Approval or correction of minutes from last meeting Decision
Duncan motion to approve; Dave second. Passed.

Old Business
President’ report-Barry
501c3 filed Dave information; Dave provided a copy to Barry at the meeting; copy to Kris. We will put 501c3 information on website.
MoPAC news: MoPac open a go for MCC; agreed to endorse us for bonspiel; they will endorse and market; need to finalize if we do it on sat/sun only; have a division open could have mopac only and a Canadian other that would meet in the finals; 5 and under open to everyone (funspiel). Go with two days. Possibly go to Canada for marketing trip. Need an organization to support Lee. Maybe should do an ad in USA curling news MoPac Open and Big Sky Spiel. Our website is hosted through ModWest. Website will be done before school starts. Find hotels that would give a good rate (prefer with shuttles).
Director rep for MCC: Select new rep for mcc (Pete likely to be acting VP for MoPac). Who is interested? Dave suggests Barry would be good. Agreement among the group here. Lee made motion to elect Barry; Duncan second. Motion passed.
Montana Curling network: Barry developed informal network of Whitefish, Billings, Havre, Bozeman, Philipsburg, CdA, Missoula, Butte. Need to contact Great Falls and Glasgow.
Do we want to add something on our website? Create new website with links to other clubs. Buy another URL.
Barry read marketing study for Missoula Regional Park which includes a pavilion with opportunity for ice. Donna Gaukler (Parks and Rec)– will come talk to the club in September so we can explain what we need and she can explain what is feasible. We would have to provide ice. Barry will call her back and confirm date. Fairgrounds will postpone a year and do a market study for the fairground expansion.
We need to look into insurance for our stones. Duncan will look into it.
If we want to have three events a year $2000 a year for insurance. No limit on the amount of alcohol. Could split with hockey or figure skaters.

Financial report information, Bob. Not here.

Bonspiel committee MoPac open design, form committee now Lee/Barry; Lee needs more information from Bob for PayPal. There are services that provide registration and payment (including all the paperwork, waivers, etc). We could look at something like that instead of PayPal. Maybe look at all in the Montana network could sign up for it and share the cost. Lee will look into it in more detail. Lee will come back to the group via email on what the options are and have a recommendation for us.

League Committee Bob
Discussion about flyers – would like to have a person on the flyer; Lee will look into Missoulian picture and I will send out pictures for others to look at.
Sam Brown is proposing a golf scramble this year or next. Probably better next year.
Kris – talk to Parks and Rec to have a link to our website from there site.
Winter league proposal for 3 divisions: Competitive, Recreational, and Instructional, flyers, networking with other organizations such as golf and Parks and recreation August/Sept, who/how?

Volunteer rebate system, (Duncan) updates; Duncan will have list of tasks that will qualify; sign-up sheets by committee/task/time slots and will have a board member initial.

Barry will do a newsletter; we need to update our mailing list; need etiquette rules sent out to everyone before the league starts.
Pint night before league starts – lee will look into it.

Promotional-media committee Web site updates information short term committee for website updates/design Lee/Duncan

Social Committee next fall Oct 18 and 25th learn to curl flyers Ashley

New Business
Promotional-media committee? Booth at Fair. volunteers Kris
Need laptop – who will volunteer to bring one. Dave will bring one.
Kris will pull together instructions for each booth volunteer to be kept in the booth. See if we can pull all/most people for a meeting prior the beginning
Need people to volunteer to put booth together, make copies, etc. and take booth down
Duncan’s stone for weighing; raffle for guessing the weight.
Sign-up sheet for learn to curls. Sign-up sheet for getting on the mailing list.

Strategic committee Possible dedicated Ice for Missoula Regional Park information Barry; see notes above.

Youth Committee information Charlene – not here

Need to solicit a board member. Duncan will call Tom Schulz.

Set date/time/venue for next meeting Wednesday August 20th-Decision
Motion to adjourn: Lee
Second: dave