LISTEN UP: New Site, New League, New Sign-up

11638355354_d8c89e04c0_cSo you probably have noticed we have changed some things around the old Curling Club website and league signup and we wanted to take a second to explain how things will be working.

First, let’s deal with money. We have seen our costs shift in running the club — away from just ice time and paying off all those pretty chunks of granite and towards increased insurance premiums and regional and national association dues. So we are shifting the fee structure a bit.


Club Membership

Anyone playing in the recreational or competitive league needs to be a dues-paying member of the club. As I just mentioned the costs covered by those dues have gone up and so the dues are going up to $80. You can register here — membership includes membership in USA Curling (you know, the sweet magazine, etc.) and the regional group MoPac.

We also recognize that that may hurt some folks in the pocketbook, so we are creating a rebate program that will refund you $25 if you volunteer a set number of hours over the season — setting up, breaking down, helping at events, etc.



This season we will continue the split between the recreational and competitive leagues and in an effort to keep things affordable will reduce the team fee from $500 to $450. If you want to think of it per person — the cost of the league will be $192.50 ($80 club fee and $112.50 to play in the league) but you have a chance to knock it down to $167.50 by volunteering to help out.  That means if you volunteer to help out, this season will cost $7.50 less than last year (when the club fee was $50 and it was $125 to play in the league).

You can register for the winter season here and we will be playing every other weekend (except around holidays) from November 8 through early March. Times have not changed — Saturdays 9-10:30 and 10:30-midnight.

We will also be adding a new instructional league that will allow folks interested in trying out the sport to join a three-week league that plays at the same time as the other leagues.



We are trying to make this system work a lot smoother and be less of a pain for you all. So this season you will sign up for club memberships and any leagues using a form on our site.

Once you submit your registration, we will email you an invoice (it will be from our PayPal account) and you can either print the invoice out and mail it to our PO address with a check or pay online using a check or debit card or a PayPal account. We hope this will make it easier for you all.


A Big-ass, Big Sky Bonspiel

The last thing worth taking note of is something still a ways off. In March 2015 we will be hosting a major regional bonspiel — curling tournament for you new folks. The bonspiel, sponsored by the Mountain Pacific Curling Association — MoPac, will feature some 60 teams from Montana, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. This is a huge deal for the club and a great chance to play in a truly fun tournament against players from all over.

If you’ve never been to a bonspiel it’s hard to explain the excitement and entertainment of that many crazy curlers in one place and from March 27-29, 2015 that place will be Missoula, Mont. You can find out more here and if you want to participate or help out, let us know.