Bonspiel Divisions

131210114500-curling-stones-on-the-ice-horizontal-gallery-bonspielAt the 2018 Big Sky Bonspiel will essentially be two different bonspiels happening at the same time — one for experienced teams and one for relative newbies…


Big Sky Open Bonspiel (22 Teams)

This bonspiel is for teams with members who have more than five years under their belts. This bonspiel will pit experienced teams against one another for three days of more intense competition followed by intense hanging out at the kegs over looking the ice (thanks for the idea Lethbridge). Registration is open to mens, womens or mixed teams of four.


Big Sky 5-and -Under Bonspiel (14 Teams)

This bonspiel is limited to curlers with 5 or fewer years of experience. This spiel is an ideal opportunity for new curlers to gain experience at positions other than lead or second, to put together and develop teams, and to meet other curlers of similar experience from other clubs. For many new curlers, the five-and-under events are often the first out-of-town bonspiel experience at which new lifelong curling friends are made. Teams can be all men, all women or mixed, but to be clear no member of the team should have been playing curling for more than five years.

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