Curling Club November Newsletter is Out

Welcome curlers, League begins November 15th

This year we have 27 teams in winter league (14 in Competitive and 13 in Recreational) with an additional 2 Instructional League teams that will make up our 29 team roster. This is approximately a 50% increase in team participation this year. NICE!

More than 50 people came out to curl in a free session to kick off the new season.
More than 50 people came out to curl in a free session to kick off the new season.

The schedule will be on the website by Wednesday November 12th and will be mailed to team skips/organizers. If you have an unfinished billing to be paid, please go to the MCC web site to complete before team play begins. This year Skips will be responsible for posting game scores each night of play on the schedule posted on the inside of the cabinet. Also to balance out the schedule we needed to add a 28th team.

Each night team 28 plays we will be asking folks who want to play in that game to volunteer to play for team 28 which will give some of you more curling time, so please look at the schedule and see if you can play in that time slot maybe with others that you wish to curl with. Also several learn to curls are scattered throughout league play so if you have friends that want to try curling for $10.00 each LTC, let them know about that opportunity.

Club Service: This year we will offer a rebate of $25 per person that completes 4 hours or more of MCC service. A sign-up sheet will be available in the equipment cabinet and an explanation of how it works also on the website. Duncan Lutes is the coordinator for the club service program.

Some of the critical needs this year are:

There is a need for help with setting up the ice one hour before play begins each night of league play beginning at 8pm. This is a weekly need for 5-6 people so please email the club to let us know which dates you can help. Please sign up to help if you can.

Both Big Sky High School and Sentinel High School have already told us to plan on them curling with their PE classes, of over 600 kids each school. This will take a lot of volunteers all day for the 4 days they plan to be on the ice with us. We need 10 -15 volunteers each day. Big sky will curl on March 16th and 17th, and Sentinel in February 25-26. Charlene Young will send out a signup sheet for this

The Big Sky Bonspiel March 27-29 will be a very big event with a host of out of state teams coming including some from Canada. We will make lists of activity needs in the near future as it will be critical we have full support of the membership to not only play in the Bonspiel, but we also need help with the various duties associated with the event. We have teams from Canada and the US already signed up so we hope MCC will have many teams in as well. Registration is open now via MCC website.

Friday open curling is back: For 10 bucks on most Fridays from 10 am to 1pm; times may vary a bit, hosted by the Glacier Ice Rink. Check GIR web page each week for times.

MCC Merchandise We still have hats, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, and gloves for sale at bargain prices. We hope to get information related to these items on the MCC website, so you may order them. We will also have them available during league play.

I hope you all are back for another great season for those veteran teams, and I would like to welcome all new curlers as well, and have fun with the MCC this year. It will be a great year!

For more information, please contact us at or go to our webpage at


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