Nov. 22: The Weekend of High Scores

IMG_0803Many of the teams in the second week wracked up some major points, with several winning teams scoring 8 or 9 points in the six-end contests.

There won’t be curling Saturday night, the 29th due to the Thanksgiving holiday and a hockey tournament.

Be sure that your team members have registered as club members ahead of the next games on Dec. 6.

Here are the scores for Week Two:


Weekly Two Results
November 14, 2015
Hellgate Knights--Stone Cold--
Can't Stop the Rock2Seven Stone9
Sweeping Beauties3Rock, Shot and Two Smoking Sweepers9
Broom On2Phantoms9
Chem Curl3Larry Curling Moes4
Curly Fries1Excalibur5
House of Pain66-pal3
Eh?4Papa Was a Curling Stone5
Rocks in the Kettlehouse2Youngsters8

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