Catching Up on League Scores Dec. 6 and 13

curling1213aSorry the last couple of weeks have been slow… but we have had to circle back to skips to track down some scores.

Be sure to write your score on the schedule sheet on the inside of the shed where we store the stones. It is how we we gather them for the site and tracking.

So here are two weeks of scores.


Week 3 Dec 6
Home TeamScoreAway TeamScore
Fire and Ice7House of Stones4
cURL1Fellowship of the Rock0
Curling's Broilers2Barred Rocks5
Home Skillets2Smokin' Curlers7
Youngsters9Hicks Hacks1
Papa Was a Curling Stone5Rocks in the Kettle House4
Hellgate Knights1Sweeping Beauties4
Stone Cold4Larry Curling Moes3


Week 4 Dec 13
Home TeamScoreAway TeamScore
6-pal0Curly Fries0
Excalibur4Chem Curl5
Larry Curling Moes3PhantomTeam0
Sweeping Beauties1House of Pain8
Rock, Shot and Two Smokin Sweepers5Hellgate Knights0
Seven Stones7Can't Stop the Rock2
Stone Cold0Broom on10
Hicks Hacks6Home Skillets5
Osprey13Curling's Broilers0

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