December 20 Scores Are Up

So scores continue to be hard to come by… and as you will see in this report, we are missing at least one score. Please email the club at missoulacurling (at) with the scores of any missing games.

We will grab the scores from the Jan. 3 games tomorrow and will post them in the afternoon.

Week 5 Dec 20
Home TeamScoreAway TeamScore
Hicks Hacks3Eh?2
Home Skillets3Osprey6
Youngsters3Papa Was a Curling Stone7
Rocks in the Kettlehouse3Fellowship of the Rock4
House of Stones7Barred Rocks2
Smokin' CurlersNo scoreCurling's BroilersNo Score
Fire N' Ice1cURL7
Chem Curl46-pal5

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