2015-16: Tis the Season to Spiel

Members of Rocks in the Kettlehouse at the Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel last year.
Members of Rocks in the Kettlehouse at the Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel last year.

Next year is the year of the Bonspiel. To maintain the incredible momentum we started this past year with our MoPac Open and Big Sky 5 and Under Bonspiel we plan a very similar event April 1, 2 & 3 2016.

To help grow our sport and Bonspiels as part of that, we are asking all members to consider going to one or more out of town Bonspiels this year. It really helps meet new curlers, and develops long lasting curling relationships as many of these clubs will come to Missoula to play if we support their Bonspiels.

Regional Bonspiels and possible dates are below:

Oktoberfest Bonspiel, Whitefish Curling Club in Whitefish MT 9/25-27

McCall Curling Club Rocktober Spiel October 2-4?

Cranbrook BC Senior’s Bonspiel December 11/30, 12/1-2 2015

Kimberly BC Snow Fiesta Bonspiel January 22-24 2016

Stanley ID Outdoor Bonspiel January 22-24 2016

Kimberly BC Seniors Bonspiel February 1-3 2016

Havre Hi line Bonspiel February 26-28 or mid-March 2016

Creston BC: Men’s 70th Butterfly Bonspiel March 3-6, 2016

Missoula’s Big Sky Bonspiels April 1-3 2016

Palouse Curling Club Bonspiel mid –April 2016

Billings Bonspiel Maybe weekend of April 16th or so, 2016

MoPac (5 years and under curling experience) Bonspiel in Seattle 4/15-17/16?

North Idaho Bonspiel May 6-8 2016 Coeur d’Alene Curling Club

If you decide to make the trek with your team or you are interested in going to one of these but may not have a full team, email missoulacurling@gmail.com. We may help you put together a team and want to just keep up on where all our folks are curling.

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