So Where Do These Fees and Dues Go?

photo-curling4We at the Missoula Curling Club have worked hard to try and rein in the costs of curling to make sure those who want to play can come out and enjoy the sport.

We have focused on paying off our outstanding bills — like paying for the stones, hacks and brooms — and have worked with Glacier Ice Rink to try and keep ice rental costs down. That said, we still thought it would help to go over where the league fees and club dues go and what you are getting for your money.

League curling fees are $400 a team (for 8 games), down by $50 from last year. Almost all of this money goes to ice rental.

Club fees are $71 a person, which includes $46 per person for liability insurance, USA Curling membership fee and the Mountain Pacific Region fee, which is down from $55 last year.

A breakdown of proposed fees for next year winter league for the club looks something like this:

Item cost notes
Club costs
Ice time 8,820.00 14 nights, 3 hrs/night @ $630/night
Equipment 1,100.00 Equipment (maintenance, fix brooms, upkeep)
Insurance 780.00 Stone insurance
Outreach 470.00 Booth at Western Montana Fair
Club activities 500.00 Pizza party, club socials
Paypal fee 174.00 Fee to process payments at Paypal
Trophies 140.00 Engraving, trophies
TOTAL 11,984.00 Total expenditures
Cost per member 99.87 Costs assume 30 teams, 4 per team, 120 people
Individual costs
Club costs 99.87 see above
USA Curling 31.00 USAC membership dues
MoPac 5.00 MoPac dues
Liability Insurance 10.00 USAC curling insurance program
TOTAL 145.87 Membership cost (after $25 club service rebate)

Do to look at the dues specifically, the breakdown is something like this:

Curling Fees

If you have questions or ideas about how to keep the price of curling low, please let us know.

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