Come Learn to Curl this October!

One of last season's learn to curls...
One of last season’s learn to curls…

This October the Missoula Curling Club will host two opportunities for people who want to learn to curl or who may have tried the game once and want to get in some pre-season practice. The two events are October 17th and 24th from 4-6 p.m. on the indoor rink at Glacier Ice Rink. You can register online to save 50% and guarantee your spot. Costs are $10 now or $15 at the door.

What to Expect

Well, to have a good time. This is a sport where we yell a lot and sweep ice and slide around 40-some-pound hunks of granite. So don’t expect us to take ourselves too seriously. True, it is a competitive and really strategic game, but it is also totally fun. So we don’t expect you to have any knowledge of the sport or experience. You don’t have to know how to skate (there isn’t any skating) and you can show up in casual street clothes, although dress kind of warm, it is on ice after all.

Who Can Participate?

Anybody. We have people aged 8 to 80 curling here in Missoula and so all ages are welcome. Those under 18 have to have a parent sign a waiver on site, but other than that feel free to come.

How Hard Is It To Learn?

Well, I think it is like golf (not that I know how to golf, but how I imagine golf to be). It is pretty easy to get the basics down and start playing. It is a lot harder to be good at it. But it’s pretty darn easy to have fun out there.

You can find out more on our Learn to Curl page about the rules and history and other than that, grab a spot and come see us in October.

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