It’s Party Time! Oh, and Get Your Team Registered 4

A Pizza Stone, Missoula Curlng Club-style.

A Pizza Stone, Missoula Curlng Club-style.

We have had two learn to curls that introduced scores of folks to the game. We met hundreds of folks at the Western Montana Fair and the Pray for Snow event. We all drank beer and wore curling hats at the KettleHouse fundraiser. We have had the board and other volunteers do the thankless work of putting in the houses and helping get things set up.

Now, it is time to party.

So, November 7 from 9-10:30 we will kick things off as only we know how — with pizza, beer and curling. Even better… FREE pizza, beer and curling.

The Missoula Curling Club will be hosting our annual (well, second or third) welcome back party at the Glacier outdoor rink. If you want to bring snacks, awesome. Want to discuss the crazy debate about the fancy new brooms? For once you won’t be alone.

Oh, right, and make sure you get your team registered and individuals signed up.

Curling is set to return to Missoula Nov. 14. We will have league details once you crazy folks get all your teams registered.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Party Time! Oh, and Get Your Team Registered

  • Chuck Bloom

    Total newbe but eager to learn. Unfortunately gone last half of Nov to 5 Dec. Interested in getting more proficient and maybe playing as stand in when needed.

    • lee Post author

      Hi Chuck, Email when you are back and we can find some time to get you out on the ice. We will likely have a Friday open curling going when you are back and can definitely set up some time to try things out when you are back. Thanks for reaching out.

  • Chuck Bloom

    I understand the outdoor rink is now open and that one can get in a little practice from 10-1300 Fri mornings (for a $10.00 fee) Is that correct?

    • lee Post author

      The rink is open but the open curling is set to run from 10 am-1pm but we are not sure when it will start. Probably on Nov. 13, but we will put out more info as soon as we know.