Individual Club Dues Due by November 28

We are excited to get the 2015-2016 season kicked off this weekend. We have 26 teams and a fair number of new curlers taking to the ice.

One thing we need to pull together is the full list of players to submit to USA Curling for your membership and the all-important insurance to cover you while on the ice. To do this, we need you all to register and pay your club dues. Does for this year are $71 (you can find out how we came up with the number here) and if you volunteer 4 hours of documented volunteer time, you can request a $25 refund.

Fill out the form below and make sure you are paid by the 28th. If you have not registered and paid ahead of the game on December 5, we cannot let you take to the ice as you will not be covered by the insurance.

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