Curling… A Game of Less Than an Inch

image1Football may be the sport of inches, but curling has it beat. Here, from week two, we have the results of the sudden death throw off to determine the winner in the Youngsters versus Fellowship of the Rock. Dan Young threw the second rock and ended up a half-inch closer to the button to eke out the win. Congrats to the Youngsters and the other winners from week two.

9:00 p.m. Games

Youngsters (7) Beat Fellowship of the Rock (6)
Smoken’ Curlers (9) Beat Barred Rocks (2)
Curl Jam (4)  Beat Curly Fries (3)

10:30 p.m. Games

House of Stones (10) Beat Papa Was a Curling Stone (1)
Osprey (7) Beat Ice Angles (1)
Stones of Anarchy (13) Beat Team Missoula (1)
Seven Stones (4) Beat Frenchtown Crew (2)
Can’t Stop the Rock (5) Beat Excalibur (3)

Thanks again for making the first night a great one. Be sure to pay your club dues. If we have not received them you will not be able to play on Dec. 5.

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