Another Update, A Bunch of Results

It’s time for another in my series of belated score totals and exciting updates.

Perhaps I am scarred by Meredith Stewart’s soul-crushing, last-rock double raise takeout that turned my possible win last week into a heart-breaking 4-2 loss or perhaps it is the fact we have been crazy busy hosting open curling, learn-to-curls at both the Ranch Club and Paws Up in the last week or so.

Either way, here are some updated results…

January 23 RESULTS
9:00 p.m. Games

Frenchtown Crew (7) Beat Stones of Anarchy (2)
Stone Cold (6) Beat Ice Holes (3)
Broom On (6) Beat Osprey (4)
Hicks Hacks (6) Beat Fire and Ice (5)

10:30 p.m. Games

Curly Fries (6) Beat Team Missoula (5)
Sheet Happens (5) Beat Curl Jam (3)
Barred Rocks (6) Beat Curly’s Broilers (0)
Lariat Loopers (7) Beat Seven Stones (2)
Eh? Team (4) Beat Rocks in the KettleHouse (2)

January 9 RESULTS
9:00 p.m. Games

Excalibur (7) Beat Seven Stones (3)
Ice Angles (7) Beat Youngsters (6)
Hicks Hacks (9) Beat Broom On (4)
Fellowship of the Rock (7) Beat Papa Was a Curling Stone (6)

10:30 p.m. Games

Barred Rocks (8) Beat Rocks In the KettleHouse (3)
House of Stones (6) Beat Osprey (3)
Sheet Happens (3) Beat Can’t Stop the Rock (2)

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