Saturday Banquet and Tickets

348sOn April 6 we will be hosting another banquet for teams and anyone interested in hanging out with 150 curlers.

The BBQ will be from 4-6 p.m. on Saturday, April 6 and will take place at the Missoula Fairgrounds just around the corner from where we will be curling.

Each team member will receive a ticket to the banquet with their registration, but any additional folks will need to purchase a meal ticket for $20. If you registered 1 alternate, they will receive a free ticket. Additional curlers and spouses must purchase an additional ticket.

You can do that in person when you arrive, but if you know, please fill this out so we can get the right head count for our caterer.

We will send you an invoice ahead of time, but you can pay it either online or when you get to Missoula.


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