Winter League Headed to Home Stretch


We have one more week of league play before we head into the playoffs and teams are neck-and-neck in both the Competitive and Recreational leagues.

We have scores from the last two weeks and be sure to monitor the standings for where your team is in the competition.

Results from February 6th:

Fellowship of the Rock 6 Beat Broom On 1
Lairiat Loopers 7 Beat Excalibur 3
Smoken Curlers 5 Beat Fire and Ice 1
Osprey 1 Beat Curly’s Broilers 0

Hicks Hacks 3 Beat Eh? Team 2

Rocks in the KettleHouse 8 Beat House of Stones 7
Smoken’ Curlers 6 Beat Papa Was a Curling Stone 2

Curly Fries 11 Beat Stone Cold 2

Lairiat Loopers 10 Frenchtown 0
Curl Jam 5 Team Missoula 3
Youngsters 1 Hick’s Hacks 4
Papa Was A Curling Stone 5 Osprey 2
Can’t Stop the Rock 3 Curly Fries 10

Ice Holes 4 Seven Stones 7
Stones of Anarchy 8 Excalibur 3
Smoken’ Curlers 3 Ice Angles 5
Fire & Ice 6 House of the Stones 10

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