Playoffs Kick Off with Some Last-Shot Drama

KettleHouse eked out a closely fought victory in their first gameof the Winter Season playoffs.
KettleHouse eked out a closely fought victory in their first gameof the Winter Season playoffs.

Corby Dickerson not only participated in the first night of the Winter Season playoffs, but he was our intrepid reporter on the ice and he has this rundown of the first full night of 2016 playoffs.

Competitive League:

Eh? Team (-) vs. Curly’s Broilers (1): Unfortunately the Eh? Team was a no-show last night, so Curly’s move on to battle Hick’s Hacks. Neither of these teams faced each other during the regular season, so it should be an interesting match up on Sheet C at 10:30pm on March 5th.

Ice Angels (5) vs. Smoken’ Curlers (6): After being handed a stunning 10-0 defeat during the regular season, Smoken’ Curlers battled to a 6-5 victory over the veteran Ice Angels and move on to play the 6-1 Barred Rocks at 9:00pm on March 5th. This will be a rematch of the November 21st match up which had Barred Rocks defeating Smoken’ Curlers 9-2

Barred Rocks vs. Fire & Ice: No score was given, but ultimately the 6-1 Barred Rocks team avoided the upset bid from Fire & Ice to move on and face a rematch with Smoken’ Curlers.

Papa Was A Curling Stone (5) vs. Rocks in the Kettle House (7): Arguably the game of the night, this match featured two teams who didn’t face off during the regular season. At 4-3, Papa Was A Curling Stone came into the tournament looking to fend off an aggressive challenge from a veteran, albeit only 2-5 Rocks in the KettleHouse team. And for much of the match they did so successfully,  building a decent lead through the 4th end!

However as can happen in curling, leads can fade in the closing ends. In the 5th end Rocks were able to creep closer, coming within 1 stone of tying Papa heading into the 6th and final end. Several strategic blocking moves were played by both teams. But in the end, it came down to the last stone. Despite having the hammer, Papa was unable to overcome a well placed final stone by team skip Lee Banville. He successfully knocked out Papa’s nearest stone and survived the final rock to turn a 1-point loss into a 3 rock gain and ultimately, VICTORY.  Rocks in the KettleHouse now move on to face the 2 seed Fellowship of the Rock for the first time this season in what should be a very competitive match on March 5th at 10:30pm.

Osprey (2) vs Youngsters (5): This match again featured two veteran teams who did not face each other during the regular season. Scoring was observed as starting off slow, but by the final ends the Youngsters were able to successfully navigate the challenges of Sheet E ice to a 5-2 victory over the exciting team from the Missoula Osprey. The Youngsters move on to a well deserved re-match against a House of Stone team who defeated them 11-0 on December 19th during the regular season. This match will be at 9:00pm on March 5th

House of Stone (5) vs Broom On (1): This was a hard battled match between two more teams who did not face each other this season. But ultimately the underdog Broom on (1-6) could not find a way to upend the favorite House of Stone (5-2). With their victory, House of Stone moves on for a re-match of their December 19th match up where they defeated the Youngsters by a surprising score of 11-0. This match will be at 9:00pm on March 5th.

Recreational League

Excalibur (2) vs. Curly Fries (9): History repeated itself in this in this December 12th rematch where the Curly Fries overcame several aggressive throws by Excalibur. But ultimately, just as in December’s 11-1 match, the Curly Fries were able to place more stones in the house than Excalibur. They move on to face the winner of March 5th‘s 9:00pm match between arguably the most creative names in the league this year: Ice Holes vs. Sheet Happens!

Curl Jam (4) vs. Stones of Anarchy (9): Aided by subs from the undefeated number 1 seed Lariat Loopers, the Stones of Anarchy upended a tough Curl Jam team for the second time this season. They now move on to a March 5th, 10:30pm match against the winner of Stone Cold vs. Frenchtown Crew. Will they have the chance to avenge a lopsided 7-2 loss against the Frenchtown Crew? Or they finally get a match against Stone Cold, who unfortunately had to forfeit their final match of the 2016 season. Come early on March 5th and watch the 9:00pm match on Sheet B to find out!

Seven Stones (2) vs. Team Missoula (4): UPSET OF THE YEAR candidate! There’s no doubt about it, this match goes down as the biggest upset of the 2016 season thus far. After struggling through much of the season, Team Missoula pulled off a victory of near herculean proportions in their 4-2 victory over the 2 seed team, Seven Stones (5-2). Not only does Team Missoula move on, but they are now only one win away form a place in the league championship match! Will they get a rematch against favorite Stones of Anarchy? Or could it be a first of the season match against Stone Cold or Frenchtown Crew? Come out on March 5th and find out who will be playing for the first ever Recreational League Championship!

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