Curly’s Broilers Win Competitive League, Curly Fries Scoop Up Rec Title

Competitive League Champs Curly’s Broilers.

After a night of unlikely victories and good curling the Missoula Curling Club crowned new champions in both the competitive and recreational leagues.

In the competitive bracket Curly’s Broilers completed their Cinderella story by edging BARRED ROCKS in the semi-finals and Younsgeters in the finals. The victory by Curly’s ends a five year run by Hicks Hacks and Fellowship of the Rock who had handed the trophy back and forth over recent years.

In the rec league, Curly Fries had to outlast the previously undefeated Lariot Loopers in the semi-finals before battling Stones of Anarchy in the finals.

Congrats to both teams. Hopefully we will see some of you at the bonspiel April 1-3 and in Spring League starting April 11.


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