Curling Club to Hit Celtic Festival This Summer

Curling Club to Hit Celtic Festival This Summer


This July 29th and 30th the Curling Club will be reaching out to potential new members (and chucking some cannonballs) and we could use your help.

Consider signing up for the Road Bowling competition as a Curler.

The club will be hosting a booth at the festival to encourage those interested in Scottish and Irish traditions to get out this winter and try one of the oldest Celtic sports in world — curling. The booth will be like the one we have hosted at the Western Montana Fair in years past (we are not doing that booth this year, FYI) and so it will be talking with people, handing out literature and generally yucking it up with fellow Missoulians.

Please consider signing up for a two-hour shift.

These hours go toward your four hours of service that can earn you your $25 discount off the club dues. So sign up for two and get your money back before you even have paid this year.

Also, we are looking for folks to participate in the Celtic Festival Road Bowling competition held the morning of July 30th. You can register your two-member team here and consider naming your team after the Curling Club or wearing your curling club shirts when playing.