Merch and Other Awesome Stuff

2017’s mugs were a huge hit. We may try to create a unique 2018 mug and regardless you will still get to fill it with delicious KettleHouse beer.

Each year we try to put together some awesome keepsakes from the Big Sky Bonspiel and 2018 will be no different.

We will be selling beer mugs again and will likely go with the same awesome potter we used the last two years. WE WILL POST THE NEW MUG PHOTOS WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE!

We will also be selling blankets, sweatshirts, hats and other cool items at the bonspiel.

This event serves two purposes for our club:

  1. To continue to raise awareness of the club and our growth. We are working with the city, county and Glacier Ice Rink to hopefully have dedicated curling ice in the coming years and so your attendance at our events helps us make the case for why we can continue to grow and
  2. To connect the curling communities around the state and in the northern Rockies both north and south of the border.

So come on down, buy some cool curling merchandise and raise a sweet beer mug to the continued growth of curling in Missoula and across the region.

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