Welcome to the Spring of Bonspiels (Let’s Get Out There)

Scenes from last year’s Big Sky Bonspiel.

We will be having 5 Bonspiels coming up between March 10th and May 7th within reasonable driving distance from Missoula. Locations are Bozeman, March 10-12, Havre March 17-19, Missoula, the largest of them all on March 31-April 2, then Coeur d Alene April 28-30, and as part of the Big Sky State Games, Billings May 5-7.

For the Bozeman spiel this is a first ever invite to other clubs and we really want some teams from Missoula to go, however it occurs on the same weekend of our championship night for winter league. We have reserved 2 slots for teams from Missoula to attend, and there could be more available. If you would like to attend, we can put some teams together on March 5th, depending on who is not advancing to the Championships on March 11th Again a whole team, or members of various teams put together will work, but we need to submit by March 5th to get in.

These Bonspiels are very fun events and an important outreach opportunity for curlers in the northern Rocky Mountains to get together for a very fun event with lots of food and drink.  A great opportunity to compare notes, make new friends, invite folks to come to Missoula, that will help grow the sport for all the clubs.

If your team can go to one or several, that is fantastic! If, however your whole team cannot go, but you would like to, we are putting a list of folks that want to be included on a team to participate in these events. (attached) So far, we have 1 team going to the Havre spiel, (champs from last year and played 7 games in 2 days) portions of 2 teams planning on going to each of the Bozeman, Billings and Coeur d Alene events.

Please send us an email if your team plans to attend one of the out of town spiels or would like to be included on a team to attend one of them. missoulacurling@gmail.com

We would like to see 10 teams or more of the MCC winter league teams compete in our own Big Sky Bonspiel March 31- April 2.  As in most of the Bonspiels an entry fee of $300/team gets you 2 meals, snacks, at least 3 games during the weekend, prizes, auction items, and much fun. Also, for $25, you can purchase a really cool mug, and fill it up with beer as many times as you want for free.

There are 2 brackets, 5U, which are for those curlers that have 5 or less years of experience, and an Open bracket that normally attracts more experienced curlers. Our spiel begins at 6 Pm on Friday and ends at noon on Sunday so please try to put a team together and welcome up to 30 teams participating in the Big Sky Bonspiel. Registration is now open to our event as well as the other 4.

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