Your Second Round Drama… Explained

Here’s your analysis for the next round of the playoffs. Congrats to all the teams which advanced and a reminder to those who didn’t that you can sign up right now for spring curling on the Missoula Curling Club website.

9:00pm Matches

Sheet A: #13 Paws Up/Stones Down vs. #5 Broom On

In the biggest upset of the first round, #13 Paws Up/Stones Down defeat #4 Flintstones 6-5 to move on to the face #5 Broom On who held on to a 6-4 victory over #12 Frenchtown Dental Molarbears. This will be the first time these two teams play this year and should prove quite competitive.

Sheet B: #1 Stones of Anarchy vs. #8 V-Max and The Inhibitors

After handily dispatching the #9 seed Ice Holes 6-0, V-Max and The Inhibitors move on the face the #1 seed Stones of Anarchy who held a first round bye. These two teams did not play each other this year. However they both found victory this season against Did You See Regis This Morning and Seven Stones. However Stones of Anarchy defeated Snockey while V-Max fell short.

Sheet C: #1 Fellowship of the Rock vs. #8 Baby Broomers

9:00pm Game of the Week! Last week #8 Baby Broomers didn’t just light one, but they also smoked the Smoken’ Curlers in a cloudless 9-4 victory. This moves them into the quarterfinals where they get a rematch for the ages against #1 Fellowship of the Rock. These two veteran teams have a long standing history which has at times gone all the way to a draw to the button tie breaker. And this match is likely to be no different if the January 21st 6-5 victory for Fellowship of the Rock is any indicator.

Sheet D: #2 Lairiat Loopers vs. #7 Snockey

Last week #7 Snockey proved they are a team to be reckoned with by edging out the always competitive #10 Stone Cold 7-6. But this week’s match-up will be no short task as they get to take on, for the first time this season, the veteran team which held the #1 seed last year, #2 Lairiat Loopers. While they didn’t face each other this season, they each defeated Paws Up/Stones Down and Stone Cold. However the Lairiat Loopers found victory against the Ice Holes and Did You See Regis This Morning whereas Snockey did not.

Sheet E: #5 Barred Rocks vs. #12 Fire and Ice

This match is actually the final first round bout since we lack enough ice to complete the first round all in one week. Of common opponents, they both defeated the Sign Pro Sliders and Game of Stones while each fell to the Osprey. However Barred Rocks defeated Smoken’ Curlers whereas Fire and Ice lost.

10:30pm Matches:

Sheet A: #2 Rocks in the Kettlehouse vs. #10 Ursus Horribillis

Upon Sheet A is a forfeiture rematch between #2 Rocks in the Kettlehouse and a hot #10 Ursus Horribillis who’ve now won three matches in a row. The first match, held on December 17th, was close from the start. However, due to the extreme cold (it was -10°F for Pete”s sake) and not having a full team when a teammate needed to leave the ice for medical reasons, Ursus Horribillis was forced to forfeit the game. Will Rock’s avenge their heartbreaking defeat in the last game of the regular season? Or can Ursus Horribillis make it four matches in a row to have a seat in the semifinals?

Sheet B: #4 Osprey vs. winner of #5 Barred Rocks vs. #12 Fire and Ice

A shorthanded #4 Osprey team faced stiff competition in #13 Satan’s Brooms last week. But were ultimately victorious 5-4 and move on to face the winner of Sheet E at 9:00 PM, either #5 Barred Rocks or #12 Fire and Ice. The Osprey played and defeated both of these potential opponents, dispatching Fire & Ice 13-0 during the first week of league play and besting Barred Rocks 10-3 on January 21st.

Sheet C: #3 Curly Fries vs. #11 Fire and Broomstone

The upset of the playoffs on the Competitive side thus far was #11 Fire and Broomstone’s 9-8 victory over 2016’s #1 seed, #6 Hick’s Hacks. Now they get to face the 2016 Winter Recreational League & Spring League Champion, #3 Curly Fries in a rematch from December 3rd, 2016. In that match, which was the first for Fire and Broomstone and second for Curly Fries, the Curly Fries won 7-2.

Sheet D: #3 Can You Smell What The Rock is Curling vs. #11 Seven Stones

Finally we have the rookie, upstart team #3 Can You Smell What The Rock is Curling against the veteran, always challenging #11 Seven Stones. Last week on center ice we saw an exciting feature placing #11 Seven Stones against #5 Did You See Regis This Morning that ultimately finished in not just one, but two draws to the button. And after all the drama had settled, #11 Seven Stones was able to secure an impressive upset 6-5 victory and move on to face #3 Can You Smell What the Rock is Curling. This will be a late season rematch in which #3 Can You Smell What the Rock is Curling defeated #11 Seven Stones 5-2 only one month ago.

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