Club Offers New Retreat, Team-Building Opportunities

Want a truly unique part of your retreat or team-building experience? We have had more and more folks asking to include curling in their plans and we are excited to report that that club is now launching a learn-to-curl/corporate events opportunity.

The Missoula Curling Club will work with your organization to put together an event that teaches your colleagues to play curling and gets you playing a game.

We will supply you the stones, brooms and all the gear you need to play. We will also get you coaches to introduce you to the game and get you playing.

We have to pay to rent the ice from GIR and so we can offer a rate of $300 per hour. Ideally, Friday mornings work best as we do an open curling and therefore the ice is prepped to play and so before or after the open. If that time does not work, we may be able to accommodate separate scheduling, but contact

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