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In an effort to respond to our members, we are trying a new league structure this season that breaks winter league into two, 9-week sessions where you will play every weekend. Members said they wanted fewer gaps in their schedule and more regularity of play to improve their game and team dynamic. So, we will have two sessions — one from November 3 – January 26 and another from February 2 – March 30. Each session will feature 18 teams divided between a competitive division and a recreational one.

We are hoping to grow from approximately 30 to 36 teams this year in the competitive and recreational leagues.

Curling fees are $420 for a team (for 8 games). The top four teams of each division will play the ninth week in a playoff. This is the same as last year and still down from the $500 we charged in 2013-2014. Members of the team who play must be members of the Missoula Curling Club. Alternates and those playing fewer than 5 games during the winter and spring leagues can also join as social members of the club.

If you have someone that wants to sponsor your team, let them know that we are a 501 C (3) non-profit and that sponsor fee will be tax deductible.



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