Help a Curler (or Club) Out

The next few weeks are a busy time for the Missoula Curling Club, but also full of opportunities to help the Club, earn your member rebate and hang out with scores of curlers from around Montana and the western U.S. and Canada.

It starts with prepping the ice inside the Glacier Ice Rink. To do that, we use a special router that carves the circles in the ice. Then we spray in paint/coloring to mark the lines. This has to be done late in the evening after the rink is done operating — so like around 10pm on March 28. If we get 8 to 10 people out there, we can get it done fairly quickly and then we are set for both the bonspiel and spring league.

Help prep the inside ice at 10pm on March 28

Then we have to take out the outside ice, being sure to wash and store the houses. This will be done during the day and, again, 8 to 10 people will get the work done in a couple hours.

Help take down the outside ice at 10am on April 2

Finally, the weekend of April 5-7, we will welcome 150 curlers from British Columbia, Washington, Utah, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, D.C. and throughout Montana to Missoula for the fifth annual Big Sky Bonspiel.

We need people to help in all sorts of ways, from setting up April 5 to manning the welcome table and merch table throughout to cleaning up on the 7th. Please sign up and come on out. It’s a fun event where you can meet curlers from all over and watch some fun games.

Help staff the Big Sky Bonspiel during the weekend of April 5-7

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