mccThe Missoula Curling Club is a non-profit organization that aims to introduce people to sport of curling as well as organize recreational and competitive leagues. We have a special emphasis in reaching out to young people who may be interested in learning the sport.

More about our non-profit status can be found here in our letter from the IRS.

The club is also part of the regional curling association MoPac, Mountain Pacific Curling Association. We are part of the fastest growing region in the country when it comes to curling and Montana has seen the number of teams grow from one to at least seven in the last four years.

We are also a local organization made up of volunteers. If you want to become involved in the club or the sport, all you have to do is come to a meeting or — better yet — one of our many events we do to teach people to curl.

We also make sure to post our newsletters so you can stay up on what the club is doing.



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