Winter 2011 Playoffs

Tuesday 3/22
6pm Game 1 Rocks on Ice vs Osprey Curling
6pm Game 2 T9 RDKK vs Bitterroot
7pm Game 3 Broom Stackers vs Scotch Rocks
7pm Game 4 Rocky Mt Eye vs Stone Cold Shysters
8pm Game 5 Stone Rollers vs Osprey Curling (Winner Game 1)
8pm Game 6 Rockstars vs Bitterroot (Winner Game 2)
9pm Game 7 Bone and Joint vs Broom Stackers (Winner Game 3)
9pm Game 8 Ice Carvers vs Rocky Mt Eye (Winner Game 4)

Wednesday 3/23
6pm Game 9 Silver Slipper vs Larry Curling Moes
6pm Game 10 Molson Canadians vs T-Line Tossers
7pm Game 11 JD on Rocks vs Equipo Mexico
7pm Game 12 Wiley Canucks vs Curling Irons
8pm Game 13 Stone Rollers (Winner Game 5) vs Silver Slipper (Winner Game 9)
8pm Game 14 Rockstars (Winner Game 6) vs T-Line Tossers (Winner Game 10)
9pm Game 15 Bone and Joint (Winner Game 7) vs Equipo Mexico (Winner Game 11)
9pm Game 16 Rocky Mt Eye (Winner Game 8 ) vs Wiley Canucks (Winner Game 12)

Thursday 3/24 : Semi Finals
730pm Game 17 Stone Rollers (Winner Game 13) vs T-Line Tossers (Winner Game 14)
730pm Game 18 Equipo Mexico (Winner Game 15) vs Wiley Canucks (Winner Game 16)
830pm Championship Stone Rollers (Winner Game 17) vs Equipo Mexico (Winner Game 18)
830pm 3rd Place Game (Loser Game 17) vs Wiley Canucks (Loser Game 18)

Champions: Equipo Mexico
2nd Place: Stone Rollers
3rd Place: Wiley Canucks
4th Place:  T-Line Tossers

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