Help at Paws Up Feb 15-17

Help at Paws Up Feb 15-17

Evening at Paws Up and ready to curl.

Every year, we head up to Paws Up for some beautiful outdoor curling and good times. Not only does the event raise awareness for our club and sport, the resort sponsors much of our youth program. This year, they are donating $1,200 to help sponsor our high school and middle school teams.

Please come out, if you can, to help and we promise you some curling to remember. Any skill level can help.


Fellowship of the Rock, Stones of Anarchy Claim Session 1 Crowns

Fellowship of the Rock, Stones of Anarchy Claim Session 1 Crowns

Joe Bollenbacher, John Greytak and Barry Bollenbach from the Competitive League's Fellowship of the Rock
 Joe Bollenbacher, John Greytak and Barry Bollenbach from the Competitive League’s Fellowship of the Rock

A great night of playoff curling at Glacier Ice Rink as both regular season #1 seeds won Championships for Session 1.

In the Recreation division, congratulations to “Stones of Anarchy”, the divisions top seed, as they squeaked by #3 seed “Seven Stones” to win the Championship by a 5-4 scores.  “Stones of Anarchy” is the only team in either division to complete the Session 1 regular season and playoffs undefeated.  They went 8-0 during the regular season to get the 1 seed.  They then beat #4 seed “Snockey” 10-1 to advance to the final.  “Seven Stones” took out the #2 seeded “Taken for Granite” by a 6-1 score to advance to the finals before falling to the eventual champions.  “Taken for Granite” did take the 3rd place game with an 8-4 win over “Snockey”

Recreation Playoff Scores
Semi #1 – Stones of Anarchy 10  Snockey 1
Semi #2 – Seven Stones 6  Taken for Granite 1

3rd Place Game – Taken for Granite 8  Snockey 4

Championship – Stones of Anarchy 5  Seven Stones 4

In the Competitive division, “Fellowship of the Rock” won their 3rd Championship by beating “Baby Broomers” in the final by a 7-1 score.  #1 Seed “Fellowship of the Rock” advanced to the final by beating 5th seed “Fire and Broomstones” 8-1.  The #3 seed “Baby Broomers” took out the #2 seeded “Curly Fries” 4-3 in a tight game to advance to the finals.  In the 3rd place game, “Curly Fries” took it 8-2 over “Fire and Broomstones” who started the session with a couple of 1st time curlers and had a solid season.

Competitive Playoff Scores
Semi #1 – Fellowship of the Rock 8  Fire and Broomstones 1
Semi #2 – Baby Broomers 4  Curly Fries 3

3rd Place Game – Curly Fries 8  Fire and Broomstone 2

Championship – Fellowship of the Rock 7  Baby Broomers 1
Competitive Session 1 Champion – Fellowship of the Rock2nd Place – Baby Broomers3rd Place – Curly Fries4th Place – Fire and Broomstones

Session #2 begins next Saturday night at Glacier Ice Rink February 2nd.

Congratulations to all who participated and supported the successful session 1 season.