June Club Meeting Minutes

Even if it’s summer, the board is still meeting setting up the coming season and getting things organized. We try to make sure our approved minutes are posted ASAP so you all can see what we are up to. These minutes cover our meeting in June and were approved at our July meeting.


Agenda MCC June 11, 7-9pm ST. Paul’s Lutheran Church meeting room

Board member present











Approval or correction of minutes from last meeting Decision: Notes approved.



Old Business

President’ report-Barry

501Cs paperwork ready to go to accountant in Kalispell; proposal submitted to MoPac – $240 per team. There will be a conference call and let us know. (timing uncertain)

501c3 update, Dave information

MoPAC news

Board member roles/responsibilities:  probably need to have a better fix on all the work needs that the club has and if everyone has a position on a committee. 5 committees.

Charlene: youth committee – lead

Barry: strategic and adhoc on all committees

Bob: league lead; help with bonspiel and strategic

Pete: strategic

Meredith: help with promotional

Kris: promotional-media committee

Lee: website; bonspiel


Dave: youth; Learn to Curl



Which committee should learn to curl be in? Promotional and social + Dave


Financial report information, Bob

Bob financial report – balance: 4897.88 (handed out); going in to summer with less balance than last year but we paid $3500 on stones this year.


Bonspiel committee   MoPac proposal pending Lee

Proposal submitted; they’ll let us know. Potentially 40 teams.


Youth Committeereport information thank you to volunteers, next fall HS curling information Charlene

Thanked the volunteers; contacted all three PE departments – heard back from big sky – they don’t know yet will know in fall  – probably would do it  in March. Will follow up with schools in September. Did not include Willard. Vanessa (flagship program) would be contact for Willard. Kris can work with two Flagship Programs. Charlene will contact flagship programs. Three Hellgate juniors will probably curl again.  Duncan – can we give kids hats (youth curling). Question about steps for competing in youth league in MoPac. Charlene will figure it out. Hold youth committee meeting in late august or early September.  Should have a student contact.


League Committee Bob

Winter league proposal for 3 divisions: Competitive, Recreational, and Instructional, flyers, networking with other organizations such as golf and Parks and recreation August/Sept, who/how?

Handout of flyer – info already on website.

Need volunteer program going

Need flyers

Website needs to be able to accept paypal

Need to decide: How are we going to do instructional after they do the two or three?

Discussion about this last point – Bob will finalize the flyer.


Volunteer rebate system, (Duncan)   Decisions

Are we ready to explain the volunteer program to the membership? Duncan said yes – he will send forms out and explanation of the program. Send when ready and again in the fall. Ashley will come up with flyers for winter league. Can’t put up flyers until website is ready to take money.


Promotional-media committee Web site updates information short term committee for website updates/design Lee/Duncan



New Business

Update by laws proposal to increase board to 13 and have a non-voting board member as Manager of GIR (to be Eric).  Fill in behind Eric current board post with possibly Sam Brown he could be the marketing person to all the area golf courses for our club. Barry Decisions

Motion by Duncan – create a non-voting liaison position between the board and glacier ice rink. Pete – second – motion passed; all in favor.  Bob – motion to appoint Sam Brown to fill in vacant position through the end of vacant board member term. Second – Charlene.  Motion passed – all in favor.

Kris update bylaws.


Promotional-media committee?   Duncan and Lee will meet on the website and Duncan will get trained to do website updates.   Advertisements on ice, other ideas. Kris- handout of ideas on places for flyers and potential marketing /sponsorship ideas. Need to brainstorm ideas – need to finalize. Need a sheet of paper that says what sponsors get for their money. Kris do this. Look at mikel’s for large fire conference. Ivery back-up charlene suggested the idea of a fund-raising fun run  – kris will take the lead, Ashley will help.  Booth at fair? Kris check into it. How much does it cost?  Prize – drawing for a learn to curl.

Maybe not his year but dave suggested things like a dinner (model: humane society). Maybe a way to fund youth teams.  Scavenger hunt? 


Social Committee next fall Oct 18 and 25th learn to curl flyers Ashley

Will get flyers out when everything is pinned down. Finalize by august. .

Learn to curls are Saturday afternoons. Check grizzly home football schedule.


Strategic committee Aug 5th – roll out fairground implementation plan has been delayed. There will be a market analysis done first. Northern Rockies/Montana Curling Network Clubs: Whitefish, MCC, Butte, Bozeman, Billings, Havre, CDA, P-Burg; others? Barry coordinating.  Create a web page.    Barry



Motion: bob- authorize the president up to $500 per year to spend on club-related expenses without needing board approval. Dave – second. Motion passed.

Set date/time/venue for next meeting- next meeting: july 16, 7:00 pm. August 20, 7:00 pm. September 17, 7:00 pm.


Dave has letter from CPA

Adjourn Duncan motion to adjourn; Ashley seconds.