Your Playoff First Round Rundown

Your Playoff First Round Rundown

Stones of Anarchy head into the Rec League playoffs with a #1 seed.

As we head into the Winter League playoffs, Corby Dickerson gives us a rundown of the first round matchups in both the Rec and Competitive Divisions.

Recreational League:

First Round Bye: Finishing as a #3 seed last Winter League, this year’s #1 seed goes to Stones of Anarchy (6-1). They’re followed very closely by last season’s #1 seed, the Lairiat Loopers (6-1) at #2. Rounding out the teams with first round byes are the rookie team Can You Smell What The Rock is Curling (5-2) at #3.

2/25 9:00pm Sheet A:

#8 V-Max and The Inhibitors (3-4) vs. #9 Ice Holes (3-4): These two teams didn’t face each other during the regular season. Of their common opponents, they both defeated Paws Up/Stones Down. However the Ice Holes defeated Broom On and Snockey whereas V-Max and The Inhibitors fell to both.

2/25 10:30pm Sheet D:

#4 Flintstones (4-3) vs. #13 Paws Up/Stones Down (2-6): This one will be a high school rematch facing the veteran Paws Up/Stones Down against the rookie, but very impressive Flintstones. In their regular season match, Flintstones dominated to a 7-0 victory.

2/25 10:30pm Sheet E:

#5 Broom On (4-3) vs. #12 Frenchtown Dental Molarbears (2-5): These two veteran teams will draw a Week 3 re-match which Broom On eked out a 3-2 victory. Don’t let records fool you. Frenchtown Dental Molarbears was the only team to knock off the #1 seed Stones of Anarchy this season.

2/25 9:00pm Sheet B:

#7 Snockey (3-4) vs. #10 Stone Cold (3-4): This is a rematch from the coldest night of the season (-10°F) when Stone Cold was forced to forfeit. In common opponent matches, both teams fell to the #1 Stones of Anarchy. However, Stone Cold was ultimately victorious over Did You See Regis This Morning while Snockey was not.

2/25 9:00pm Sheet C:

#6 Did You See Regis This Morning? (3-4) vs. #11 Seven Stones (2-5): In a bit of a setback year, last season’s #2 seed Seven Stones found heartbreak in several close defeats. Both teams shared defeats against the #1 Stones of Anarchy & #2 Lariat Loopers as well as #8 V-Max and The Inhibitors. However Seven Stones did find victory over Stone Cold while Did You See Regis This Morning did not.

Competitive League:

Last year’s #2 seed, Fellowship of the Rock, advanced to finish #1 this season. They were followed by a significantly improved #2 Rocks in the Kettlehouse (6-1) who drew an #11 seed last season.

2/25 9:00pm Sheet E:

#8 Baby Broomers (3-4) vs. #9 Smoken’ Curlers (3-4): While these two veteran teams did not play each other during the regular season, they are certainly no stranger to one another. Common opponents this season include #1 Fellowship of the Rock (both lost), #5 Barred Rocks (both lost), #11 Fire and Broomstone (both won) as well as #10 Ursus Horribillis (Baby Broomers won, Smoken’ Curlers lost).

2/25 10:30pm Sheet C:

#4 Osprey (5-2) vs. #13 Satan’s Brooms (1-6): This match will again pit two teams who were supposed to play on the coldest night of the season, but regrettably Satan’s Brooms forfeited defeat to the Osprey. Common opponents include Game of Stones (both won) and Hick’s Hacks (both lost).

3/4 9:00pm Sheet E:

#5 Barred Rocks (5-2) vs. #12 Fire and Ice (2-5): This match places another pair of veteran teams against each other for the first time this season. Common opponents include Game of Stones (both won), Sign Pro Sliders (both won), Osprey (both lost), Smoken’ Curlers (Barred Rocks won, Fire and Ice lost) and Rocks in the Kettlehouse (Barred Rocks won, Fire and Ice lost).

2/25 9:00pm Sheet D:

#7 Game of Stones (3-4) vs. #10 Ursus Horribillis (2-5): These two strong teams will face in a rematch from Week 2 (first game of the season for both) where Game of Stones won 6-2. Common opponents include Curly Fries (Game of Stones won, Ursus Horribillis lost) and Fire and Ice (Ursus Horribillis won, Game of Stones lost).

2/25 10:30pm Sheet A:

#3 Curly Fries (6-1) vs. #14 Sign Pro Sliders (1-6): After narrowly missing out on a first round bye, the Curly Fries, the defending 2015 Recreational League Champion & Spring League Champion will face the 2015 Competitive League Champion Sign Pro Sliders for the first time this season. Common opponents include Barred Rocks (Curly Fries won, Sign Pro Sliders lost) and Hick’s Hacks (Curly Fries won, Sign Pro lost). However Sign Pro Sliders did play #1 Fellowship of the Rock to their closest match this season (5-6).

2/25 10:30pm Sheet B:

#6 Hick’s Hacks (3-4) vs. #11 Fire and Broomstone (2-5): In this match-up, last year’s #1 seed Hick’s Hacks will seek to avenge their December 17th (coldest night of the season) forfeit to newcomers Fire and Broomstone. This match should be quite competitive with common opponents including Satan’s Brooms (both victorious), Curly Fries (both lost) and Smoken’ Curlers (both lost).

Curly’s Broilers Win Competitive League, Curly Fries Scoop Up Rec Title

Curly’s Broilers Win Competitive League, Curly Fries Scoop Up Rec Title

Competitive League Champs Curly’s Broilers.

After a night of unlikely victories and good curling the Missoula Curling Club crowned new champions in both the competitive and recreational leagues.

In the competitive bracket Curly’s Broilers completed their Cinderella story by edging BARRED ROCKS in the semi-finals and Younsgeters in the finals. The victory by Curly’s ends a five year run by Hicks Hacks and Fellowship of the Rock who had handed the trophy back and forth over recent years.

In the rec league, Curly Fries had to outlast the previously undefeated Lariot Loopers in the semi-finals before battling Stones of Anarchy in the finals.

Congrats to both teams. Hopefully we will see some of you at the bonspiel April 1-3 and in Spring League starting April 11.