Spring Playoffs Set for Friday

Spring Playoffs Set for Friday

After weeks of intermittent play, the spring league is coming to its big finale. This Friday are the playoffs and finals for the Spring 2012 Missoula Curling Club league.

Check the schedule to see when your team plays…

Seed          Team
1                 (9)cURL
2                 (3)Silver Slipper
3                 (7)Osprey Curling
4                 (1)Fellowship of the Rock
5                 (11)Stone Rollers
6                 (8)Eh Team
7                 (10)Sorry for Party Rockin
8                 (6)Ice Carvers
9                 (2)Equipo Mexico
Absent        (5)Dr. Pete Chiropractic
Absent        (4)Rauckhorst Rocks!
There are two, four team brackets a top bracket that plays for 1st, and a lower bracket that plays for 5th, and one, two team bracket for the bottom two teams.
also attaching a picture of what the brackets look like.
Sheet         Teams                                                                                                      Time           
1   Seed 5 (11Stone Rollers vs Seed 8 (6)Ice Carvers                         7:30-9pm
2   Seed 1 (9)cURL vs Seed 4 (1)Fellowship                                        7:30-9pm
3   Seed 2 (3)Silver Slipper vs Seed 3 (7)Osprey Curling                  7:30-9pm
4   Seed 6 (8)Eh Team vs Seed 7 (10) Sorry for Party Rockin         7:30-9pm
1   Loser  Seed 5 vs Seed 8 and Seed 6 vs Seed 7(Playing for 7th place)       9-10:30pm
2   Winner Seed 1 vs Seed 4 and Seed 2 vs Seed 3(Playing for 1st place)      9-10:30pm
3   Winner Seed 5 vs Seed 8 and Seed 6 vs Seed 7(Playing for 5th place)    9-10:30pm
4   Loser Seed 1 vs Seed 4 and Seed 2 vs Seed 3(Playing for 3rd place)         9-10:30pm

Time to Curl — Updated Spring ’12 League Schedule Posted

The Spring 2012 season of the Missoula Curling Club is well underway. Due to a series of hockey tournaments and the Maulers spectacular season, we have had to do some schedule moves to nail down the remaining weeks. We have posted the new schedule on the site here and there are a couple things to remember. First, due to the number of teams, not all teams will play each week. Second start times and locations will vary over the remainder of the season.

Also, note that we have announced the schedule for the Spring Playoffs as well. The top eight teams will compete on Friday evening, May 18. From 7:30-9:00 pm – the top eight teams will play.  From 9:00-10:30 pm, all winners of the earlier games will play along with teams that place 9th, 10th and 11th place in the league.  Please check the website for team rankings shortly after the last games are played on May 12th.

So long story short, check the schedule to make sure where and when your team is playing.