ZooTown Bonspiel 2011

I hope everyone is ready for a fun filled weekend! Friday night kicks off with games at 6pm. The bag pipes are scheduled for opening ceremonies at 8pm. Games will start up Saturday morning at 10am. There will be a chili feed at Noon. Breakfast will be going Sunday morning for all the final games.

Division A- Molson Canadians/Stone Rollers/Rocks on Ice
Division B-Silver Brooms/Osprey Curling/Bone and Joint
Division C-Bending Hacks/JD on the Rocks/Equipo Mexico
Division D-Wiley Canucks/Broom Stackers/Rockstar Curling

Tie Breakers:
Point Differential
Points Scored
Skips Draw to Button

Friday Schedule.
6pm-Stone Rollers vs Rocks on Ice S1 Bench
6pm-Silver Brooms vs Bone and Joint S2
6pm-JD on Rocks vs Equipo Mexico S3
6pm-Wiley Canucks vs Broom Stackers S4 Penalty

8pm-Stone Rollers vs Molson Canadians S2
8pm-Bone and Joint vs Osprey Curling S1 Bench
8pm-Bending Hacks vs JD on Rocks S4 Penalty
8pm-Wiley Canucks vs Rocks on Ice S3

Saturday Schedule
10am-Rocks on Ice vs Molson Canadians S1
10am-Silver Brooms vs Osprey Curling S2
10am-Equipo Mexico vs Bending Hacks S3
10am-Rock Stars vs Broom Stackers S4

Playdowns will follow with Division Crossovers. Great News “4 game guarantee”.

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