You have seen it on the Olympics (and it will be back this winter from Beijing) and now you want to give it a try.

Well, we are here to help. Come make your Olympic dream a reality (or, at least, see what it is like to play) by coming to the Missoula Curling Club's Learn-to-Curl.

This family friendly event allows you and your friends to learn about the rules of curling, how to score, how to deliver and sweep a stone and how to skip. Within 15 minutes we can have you sending rocks down the ice and within a half hour we will be playing a game.

You do not need any gear, just warm pants, a hat and rubber-soled shoes. We will also be sociallly distancing on the ice so you can safely try it out. Sign up with three to six of your friends and we can make sure you all get to play together. 

Cost is $10, but you will be also entered into a raffle to win a portion of the pot and may leave making money AND having had fun.