Let's get curling!

Opening and Closing Assignments for Curling Winter Session 2019-2020

Opening Teams are to arrive at 8:30pm to help set up the ice, scoreboards, rocks, etc. Closing Teams are make sure all equipment is put away and locked up before leaving. For more details click here.

February 1, 2020      
Opening Fellowship of the Rock Broom On Hellgate HS #1
Closing TBD 4 Guys and a Girl  
February 8, 2020      
Opening Bear Ice Outsliders Throwin' Together
Closing Smokin Curlers Schrodinger's Hack  
February 15, 2020      
Opening The Sacred Stone Missoula College Hammers  
Closing Broom On TBD  
February 22, 2020      
Opening Smokin Curlers Schrodinger's Hack  
Closing The Barred Rocks Iceholes  
February 29, 2020      
Opening The Barred Rocks Frenchtown Molar Bears  
Closing The Sacred Stone Ice Cold Hackers  
March 7, 2020      
Opening Sweep the Leg Iceholes  
Closing Bear Ice  Missoula College Hammers  
March 14, 2020      
Opening Taken for Granite Ice Cold Hackers  
Closing Frenchtown Molar Bears Outsliders  
March 21, 2020      
Opening TBD  4 Guys and a Girl  
Closing Fellowship of the Rock Team Name Goes Here