One of last season's learn to curls...
Each year we ask all members of the club to pay dues. The dues members pay go primarily to pay for insurance to protect players and the club from liabilities […]

Missoula Curling Club Dues and Membership

Remember that fun moment you tried to get a broom from the curling storage and got that broom and three others staked on top of it? Well, no more. Thanks […]

Hellgate High Helps Us With a Clean Sweep   Recently updated !

A couple of the cool-ass mugs we will have at this year's event.
Each year we try to put together some awesome keepsakes from the Big Sky Bonspiel and 2017 will be no different. We will be selling beer mugs again and will […]

Merc and Other Awesome Stuff   Recently updated !

KettleHouse eked out a closely fought victory in their first gameof the Winter Season playoffs.
There was an election? For Prime Minister of Canada? Look, we have been so focused on putting together the league we have not had time to notice. But we do […]

And Let There Be a Week One Schedule!

We’ve had scores of folks come out this year to learn to curl and it looked like a lot of you were having fun. So, if you were one of those […]

I’ve Learned to Curl. Now What Do I Do?   Recently updated !

For many folks who have learned to curl or have played in past seasons we know it is tough to sometimes commit to the full 8-game season spread out over […]

New 3-Game Introductory League Announced   Recently updated !