Learn to Curl
The Olympics may be going on in Rio this year, but if you are going to be ready for the Pyeongchang winter games in 2018 you better learn how to […]

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One of last season's learn to curls...
Each year we ask all members of the club to pay dues. The dues members pay go primarily to pay for insurance to protect players and the club from liabilities […]

Missoula Curling Club Dues and Membership

The Curly Fries hoist (well, hold) the Spring League trophy this May.
It’s been a heck of a season for the Curly Fries. The Rec league team first spent the winter dominating many of the teams they faced and then ran the […]

Don’t Mess With the Curly Fries

This July 29th and 30th the Curling Club will be reaching out to potential new members (and chucking some cannonballs) and we could use your help. The club will be […]

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