Spring League 2022

MCC Spring League is coming soon, and it is time to register yourself and your team. Spring League is a loose, friendly time to get on the ice and curling. There is only a recreation division. Spring League players are focused more on having fun and developing skills rather than crushing their opponents. Do you have a rudimentary understanding of gameplay and delivery? Great. Don't have that? We can quickly get you up to speed and playing.

Spring League will begin after the Big Sky Bonspiel (April 1-3) and run April 8 through May 27 (no games on April 22). As per usual, we will move to Glacier Ice Rink's indoor ice and Friday nights. The first draw will be 6:30-8 pm, and the second draw from 8-9:30 pm. If there is enough interest, we might be able to add a third draw time.

You must be a full member of the curling club (if you paid social dues, just add the full membership and you will only pay the difference. If you paid full memberships in the winter league or Olympic league you do not need to pay again). Ice time is $70 for 7 weeks of curling!

Register or update your registration here.

Don't have a team? Maybe you don't have a whole team? Get registered and email Harmen, and we can find you a team or additional players.

  • Friday - 5 matches at 06:30 PM

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Winter League 2021/22

curlingWe wanted to let you know registration has started for this year’s league. We are going to be playing an 8-week league from Nov. 6-Feb. 12 (there are weeks off around the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and there is a week off in January) so it is sort of like every over week.

Costs for the league are $420 per team or $105 per individual (plus club membership). This is the same price as the 2019-2020 season. We also know some people have moved or may not want to play and therefore you can sign up as an individual and we will put you on a rec or competitive team.

I also want you to know we understand that covid remains a real concern and we want to assure you we are taking many precautions to run as safe a club as we can. We will be playing on outside ice, stress the importance of social distancing and strongly recommend masks on and off the ice. We will be evaluating these rules through the season and if things improve, we may loosen these restrictions and will communicate with you all.

The Missoula Curling Club exists because of all of you who love to throw a stone, have a beer or coffee and chat with others. We plan on bringing the fun back this year. As it is an Olympic year, we will also have viewing parties at local restaurants and breweries and other events in addition to a return to curling.


We hope you will join us and please reach out to me or [email protected] with questions.

MCC Winter League Opening and Closing Assignments


The Missoula Curling Club is a volunteer run organization.  As such, we ask all the teams to participate in helping set up and clean up during the season.  Each team is asked to open and close once this season.  The tasks are very easy and do not take a lot of time if everyone shows up and participates.  It is the responsibility of each skip to make sure his or her team arrives on time for the week assigned to help.  A Board of Director has been assigned as a lead for opening and closing each week.  They will assist, direct, and train everyone so the experience is a positive one and our league runs on time.  Thank you in advance for participating.  Assignments follow below.

Roles and Responsibilities

Opening Lead – Arrives early (one hour before start time).  Fill Pebblers, open lockers, get prepped for ice preparation, coordinate/assign tasks for the Opening Teams as they arrive.  Ultimate authority to make sure ice is ready by scheduled start time.

Opening Teams – Teams arrive no later than 30 minutes before start time.  Lead will assign tasks from team members to complete the following tasks:  Pebble ice, install hacks, distribute stones to sheets, crush pebble after pebbling is done, put scoreboards in place, string mop ice after crush, and start curling at scheduled time. NOTE – For Sunday set up, hacks should be still in place from the night before.  Prep order is 1) Sweep the ice 2) One hot and one cold pebble 3) Sweep the ice 4) Get rocks on ice while doing one to three above.

Closing Lead – Is the last to leave.  Ultimate authority to make sure everything is put away, locked up, and properly cleaned.

Closing Teams – Following completion of your match, the lead will coordinate/assign tasks to complete the following items: make sure stones are put away, scoreboards off ice and put away, pebblers are drained and put away, all trash is picked up off ice, hacks are taken off ice and put away, all equipment is put away, and cabinets are locked. NOTE – If there is curling the next day on Sunday, hacks can remain on the ice, but rocks need to still be put away.

Saturday, November 6

Opening Board Member Lead:               Lee Banville

Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A1 – The Sacred Stone

Closing Board Member Lead:                 Harmen Steele

Closing Team:                                              A1 – The Sacred Stone

Saturday, November 13

Opening Board Member Lead:               Bynum Jackson

Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A3 – Taken for Granite

                                                                         B14 – Sam’s Friends

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Dave Strobel

 Closing Team:                                              A2 – ICE Vipers

Saturday, November 20

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Charlie Stortz

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A10 – Throwing Together Comp

                                                                         B9 – Slider and the Family Stone

                                                                         B1 – Sultans of Sweep

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Charlene Young

 Closing Team:                                              A9 – Baby Broomers

 Sunday, November 21

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Matt Ellis

 Opening Teams (Arrive 8:30a):              A5 – Kevin and the Rolling Stones

                                                                         B11 – Sweeping Beauties

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Bynum Jackson

 Closing Team:                                              A3 – Taken for Granite

 Saturday, December 4

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Bob Keane

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A4 – Smokin’ Curlers

                                                                         B15 – Throwing Together Rec

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Barry Bollenbacher

 Closing Team:                                              A8 – Mission Paint Curling

 Saturday, December 11

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Krista Synder

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 B6 – Broom On

                                                                         A6 – Curly Fries

                                                                         A7 – Sweep the Leg

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Charlie Stortz

 Closing Team:                                              A10 – Throwin’ Together Comp

 Saturday, December 18

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Charlene Young

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A9 – Baby Broomers

                                                                         B10 – Missoula College Hammers

                                                                         B7 – High School Team

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Bob Keane

 Closing Team:                                              A4 – Smokin Curlers

 Saturday, January 8

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Matt Ellis

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A5 – Kevin and the Rolling Stones

                                                                         B5 – Iceholes

                                                                         B8 – Ice Cold Hackers

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Krista Synder

 Closing Team:                                              B6 – Broom On

Saturday, January 22

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Barry Bollenbacher

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 A8 – Mission Paint Curling

                                                                         B16 – Sheet Happens

                                                                         B2 - Snockey

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Matt Ellis

 Closing Team:                                              A5 – Kevin and the Rolling Stones

 Saturday, January 29

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Matt Ellis

 Opening Teams (Arrive 7:30):                 B12 – TBD Bourguignon

                                                                         B3 – Schrodiner’s Hack

                                                                         B4 – Can you Sweep what the Rock is Curling

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Charlene Young

 Closing Team:                                              A9 – Baby Broomers

Sunday, January 30

 Opening Board Member Lead:               Dave Strobel

 Opening Teams (Arrive 8:30a):              A2 – Ice Vipers

                                                                         B13 – Can we get a merit badge for this?

 Closing Board Member Lead:                 Matt Ellis

 Closing Team:                                              A5 – Kevin and the Rolling Stones


  • Saturday - 5 matches at 08:30 PM
  • Saturday - 5 matches at 10:00 PM

Schedules, results and standings

Olympic League 2022

Inside curling's Olympic venue, the Ice Cube, in Beijing, China.This winter, many of us will be glued to YouTube or the television watching some amazing curling in Beijing. We know that when the Olympics roll around interest in curling surges. Last Olympics, we had one earn to curl where some 250 people showed up to try the game. Well, this year we are ready to offer a bit more than just a short taste of curling. This year, we are offering a three-week Olympic minileague.

The league kind of begins with an Olympic day at Glacier Ice Rink on February 12. You will be able to try curling as well as skating and hockey. All are welcome to attend that event.

The mini-league kicks off in earnest the following Saturday, February 19. Up to 20 teams can participate in the league and they will play on the 19th, 26th and March 5th. Games will be at 8:30 p.m. and another will start at 10 p.m. and run for 90 minutes. We will have coaches on site to help teach curling as well as talk strategy. For those who are members of the club, the cost will be $30 for the three weeks. Those who are new, we need to include a social membership in the club which insures you while playing. For those folks, the cost is $55.  

Everyone signs up as an individual, but let us know if you have a team of 4 or more you want to play with.

Registration is now open!

  • Saturday - 5 matches at 08:30 PM

Schedules, results and standings