September League 2020

Curling StonesWe have heard from many of you you cannot wait to get back out on the ice and curl again. We have also heard from people who are worried about the current state of COVID and will be sitting out until a vaccine or infection rates drop.


The Club respects all its members’ feelings about the current uncertainty and will be working to create a reasonable, but fairly safe way to curl for those who want to.


Which brings us to an exciting opportunity.


For three weeks in September – the 12th, 19th and 26th – we will be offering a special, deeply discounted curling mini-league to shake off the cobwebs and get you out there again.


On those three Saturdays we will be hosting 2-hour, 8-end games AT 7PM!!!! for 40 curlers looking to get out there again. The cost will only be $30 a person for all three weeks and registration will be open to the first 40 members to sign up.




If you want to play as a team, just include a note in your registration and we will work to make it happen.


We will have more about how we will safely curl in the coming days, but have a plan to promote social distancing and safe play.


For those of you ready, this mini-league is a great way to get the year off right and play some really great full games.


See you on the ice

  • Saturday - 3 matches at 07:00 PM

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Winter League (DELAYED)

We have been working with USA Curling, Glacier Ice Rink and our board to develop a plan for this unprecedented time.

We have decided to delay the beginning of our winter league to allow the surge in COVID-19 infections to settle down. Right now, we have a plan to assess the relative safety of curling.

At the beginning of each month, the board will consider the infection rate, availability of a vaccine and other factors to decide if we can start our season. Based on what we heard from you all in a series of surveys and from the September mini-league, many players want the daily infection rate to drop to where it was in mid-September. The first week of each month, the board will assess where we are and if we feel we can start, we will announce the start of a five-week league the next month. So, at the beginning of December, we will decide if we can start right after New Years. If things are not good then, we will meet in January to decide about February.

Our goal is to get people curling as soon as it is relatively safe and responsible.

Once we decide to launch our winter season, we will host a five-week league with both competitive and recreational leagues. Dates will be announced via email, on the site and at Facebook.

  • Saturday - 5 matches at 08:00 PM

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Winter COVID League

This league will run from February 13-March 13, 2021. It wil be five consecutive Saturday nights from 8pm-11pm. We will have two draws, one at 8pm and one at 9:30pm. We will also play on three sheets -- A, C and E -- to allow additional distancing.

Masks will be worn during the game and we will utilize only one sweeper per USA Curling rules. Players may register as social or full members of the club and the team fee is $240 per team or $60 per player for an individual signup.

  • Saturday - 5 matches at 08:00 PM

Schedules, results and standings

Five week, February 13-March 13 TEAM

  • Saturday - 3 matches at 08:00 PM
  • Saturday - 3 matches at 09:30 PM

Schedules, results and standings