To help the Missoula Curling Club continue to grow and adapt, and to plan for our eventual move to a full-time curling facility, the board of directors moved in 2018 to create a series of committees to better handle the work of the club.

If you are interested in helping with one of these committees, please contact [email protected].


League Committee

Chaired by Matt Ellis with assistance from Bob Keane, Peet McKinney and Troy Adam

This committee is charged with organizing the key leagues – currently winter and spring, but subject to change.

Key Tasks

  • Increase league participation
  • Foster communication between teams
  • Envision and modify league structure
  • Complete schedules for Winter and Spring leagues working with Eric Henderson
    • consideration given to draw times, sheet A and E games being equitable, length of time between games (including weekends the club is not playing) for each team, and bye date requests which are due by 1 week before league team registration closes
  • Set registration deadlines
  • Maintains team rosters
  • Maintains club rules
  • Assigns a league rules and policy marshal for league sessions
  • Coordinates with Operations Committee to ensure ice preparation
  • Manages the changes to the league schedule as they may occur and reposts new schedule
  • Collects game results
  • Maintains league standings and delivers to Communications Committee
  • Develops league playoff brackets informed by tie breaker rule set and manages playoffs and championship event
  • Maintains trophies as needed


Operations Committee

Russ Fox chairs and all league skips will be involved

This committee is charged with organizing ice prep for league and special events.

Key Tasks

  • Outside Rink sheet layout and design, vinyl placement and implementation ice going on in the Fall, and same for Inside rink that includes etching in the Spring
  • All special event set up and take down other than at GIR, which currently includes Ranch Club and Paws Up at this time
  • All Bonspiel preparation of the rink including working with Eric Nystrom and the Zam crew, the etching and layout, painting of sheets, set up of hacks, pebbling before and during event, and take down and storage of equipment
  • All Ice King operations as needed.
  • Winter and Spring League set up and take down of all league events and proper storage and cleaning and maintenance of stones and handles, brooms, sliders, pebblers, sliders, scoreboards, broom boy, mats and rugs, hacks, Ice King(s), carts, propane torches, Power Washer and recommendations to board or President for purchase of replacements or parts or other equipment needed for operations of MCC events.
  • Set up and take down of all curling events at the GIR not of league nature such as LTC, High School PE curling, Team building or private rental events.
  • Take down and washing and storage with helpers of vinyl at the end of March
  • Care and maintenance of Ice Kings blades and sharpening them each year or as needed.
  • Feed back to rink manager on ice prep quality



Chaired by Harmen Steele with assistance of Bob Keane

This committee is tasked with organizing membership, creating services for members and encouraging member retention.

Key Tasks:

  • Outreach to members to organize teams and rejoin league
  • Payment of dues
  • Manages Club Social Program including possible Fueling Station for league play and other social events
  • Curling badges
  • Ensuring all members sign waivers
  • Overseeing registration and payment
  • Developing and overseeing volunteer program
    • Phone tree
    • Rebates
    • Tracking volunteer hours


Dedicated Ice/Capital Campaign

Chaired by Barry Bollenbacher with Lee Banville and Matt Ellis

Committee is tasked with developing plans for and a fundraising strategy for creating a dedicated curling facility within five years.

Key Tasks:

  • Coordinating with County/City efforts to develop a new Glacier Ica Rink facility.
  • Develop opportunities for independent ice facility.
  • Create a working budget for the development of a dedicated ice facility.
  • Create a capital campaign to raise funds for the construction of a facility.
  • Develop an operating budget for running such a facility.
  • Work with donors who may help fund the facility.


Bonspiel Committee

Chaired by Lee Banville

This committee is responsible for organizing the Big Sky Bonspiel and other potential tournaments run by the club.

Key Tasks:

  • Coordinating timing of regional bonspiels
  • Promotion of bonspiels to participants
  • Ensuring waivers are signed
  • Developing volunteer plans
  • Coordinating with Operations Committee on ice prep
  • Live and silent auctions, raffles, 50/50
  • Beer acquisition
  • Food
  • Develop draws
  • State beer and wine permit
  • Building event and alcohol liability insurance
  • Facilities rental
  • Entertainment
  • Trophy acquisition
  • Communication with teams



Chaired by Lee Banville

This committee is tasked with member- and public-facing communications from the club.

Key Tasks:

  • Developing a communication strategy
  • Running MCC website
  • Social media strategy and content
  • Maintaining newsletter/email contact
  • Creating/maintaining Listserv (who we communicate with)
  • Helping organize strategic bonspiel attendance (teams to go places)
  • Media contact and coordination



Chaired by Meredith Stewart

This committee organizes learn to curls and training efforts.

Key Tasks:

  • Schedules and organizes learn to curls
  • Coordinates with Communications Committee to promote events.
  • Ensures participants sign waivers
  • Coordinates with USA Curling on training issues
  • Develops and maintains instructor certification requirements and official certifications for level 1 and 2
  • Leads instructors and manages instruction for LTC events and assists with PE curling instruction with youth program
  • Develops instruction times for level 1 courses in Montana for the Territories Region
  • Lead level 2 instructor for Montana
  • Coordinates with UM Curling and assists with development and UM club establishment



Chaired by Charlene Young with help from Corby Dickerson

This committee works to introduce young people to the sport of curling and potentially develop youth programs and/or leagues.

Key Tasks:

  • Developing a strategy for youth outreach and curling
  • Work with high schools for training or team development
  • Ensure youth participants sign waivers
  • Coordinates PE curling sessions with area High Schools
  • Develops Volunteer lists to support activities
  • Develops and coaches’ youth curling teams
  • Finds opportunities for youth participation in curling/ learn to curls


Special Events

Chaired by Troy Adam and Mitch Ferm

This committee develops and coordinates all special events other than leagues and bonspiels.

Key Tasks:

  • Coordinates the current Paws Up, Ranch Club events
  • Works with Instruction Committee to develop Learn to Curls
  • Develops a strategy and plan for team building/private parties
  • Explore mid-day league
  • Explores veterans program and/or wheel chair curling program
  • Develops Volunteer lists to support activities


General Board

Chaired by Barry Bollenbacher with David Strobel

Committee organizes board agendas and schedules.



Chaired by Shannon Dickerson with Bob Keane

This committee develops and coordinates the purchase of Missoula Curling Club merchandise.