Game Cancellations:

All attempts to play games as scheduled will be made. At points we may make a decision to cancel games due to extreme weather such as accumulating snow, hazardous driving conditions or extreme temperatures. We do this out of concerns for player safety. This determination will be made by the League Coordinators with consultation provided by the Missoula Curling Club Board Leadership.

Cancellation Notification:

League Coordinators will make every effort to provide as much advance notice as possible when forced to cancel games. Notification will go out via email (using information provided when registering). We ask all club members to aid in communications with your teammates in the event of a cancellation. It is encouraged that players check for communications before leaving for games.

Rescheduled Games:

League Coordinators will attempt to reschedule as many games as possible that are canceled due to weather. In extreme circumstances, such as more than three games in a season being called off due to weather or ice times being unavailable, it may not be possible to replay all games. Refunds will not be issued.

Results and Standings:

Missoula Curling Club recognizes that rescheduled events may not be convenient for all curlers. In the interest of fairness, rescheduled games will abide by these participation and result guidelines as it pertains to game play and standings:

  • Substitutes will be allowed. Substitutes, at minimum, must be registered as Social Members of the Missoula Curling Club and must sign a Waiver and Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • At least 1 of the original team members must participate in the rescheduled game.
  • Minimum 3 players must be present for each team.
  • For rescheduled games, the following results points system will be used in regards to standings:
    • Your team is unable to play - 0 pts
    • Opposing team unable to play - 0 pts
    • Rescheduled game ends in a tie - 1 pt
    • Rescheduled game lose - 0 pts
    • Rescheduled game win - 2 pts

For all questions, concerns, or inquiries around cancellations and subsequent reschedules, please reach out to your League Coordinators.