Below are the procedures for preparing the ice rick for curling and then cleaning up once curling is complete

Teams Assigned to Open should arrive at 8:00pm. Teams Assigned to Close should not leave until all Closing is done

Opening Procedures:

  1. Arrive at 8:00PM open cabinets; lay out rugs; set up boot boy; get hack tub out and place 5 hacks on dasher boards in front each players bench; get slider bag out, set measuring device and string mop out for easy access, same with pebble crusher device
  2. Make sure ZAM is on at 8pm, check actual time on ice. Make sure last cut (which is a dry cut) has no streaks. Streaks mean blade is not deep enough and must redo those sheets.
  3. Fill the 4 pebble cans. Two with hot water and two with cold water from the ZAM fill area in the Butler Building, load on wagon and take out and place near ZAM door;
  4. 8:20 or when ZAM is done
    1. Use the provided plastic shovels to remove ice particles left by the ZAM. Also remove the lines left by the ZAM, unless it will cause substantial damage the ice surface.
    2. Direct 2 people to begin pebbling the second the ZAM is off the ice from dry cut, (if snow is left as residual on ice have a person quickly broom mop each sheet affected) beginning with Sheet A, minimum 2 pebbles/sheet (One hot and one cold), finish sheet A first so stone placement can occur asap.  PLEASE pebble behind the hacks as well!!
    3. At same time as a. above, direct 3-4 people to put hacks in with hand torch/stand on hack 1-2 min. Can use wagon to transport around the ice if wheels are not dirty
    4. Direct most remaining folks to distribute stones onto ice into the NW corner of the rink avoiding letting them rest on a sheet as their temperature will melt the ice and ruin the curling surface
    5. Direct one person to use the pebble crusher to load the crusher with 13 stones from 1 sheet only, ASAP, then begin crush 4 minutes after first sheet is pebbled
    6. When pebble/crushing is completed on sheet A, direct a couple of folks to place scoreboards on ice at the north end of sheets
    7. Direct 1 person to string mop after the crusher makes 1 pass
    8. Finish placing stones and start curling by 9 pm exactly. If there is a delay not the fault of GIR starting the ZAM later than 8 pm, the club will get charged $50 if we go past midnight after the second match of the session.
    9. Notify teams at 10:15 they cannot begin a new end
    10. Get second set of teams started by 10:30

Closing Procedures:

  1. About 11:45, make sure to notify teams if there is less than 15 minutes to their match that a new end cannot be started to keep us from going overtime.
  2. As teams finish, make sure to begin to have folks that are finished move stones to NW corner as well as scoreboards, to facilitate faster removal from the ice when all are done curling, also at this time remove hacks from sheets that are finished, repair ice surface with snow shavings and water bottle, tamp and smooth with wood bloc  All teams should be responsible for putting away their own stones and scoreboards.
  3. About midnight, finish removal of stones and score sheets, and finish repairs to all hack locations (which can be finished after midnight a bit)
  4. Place brooms in broom cabinet, and stones, hacks in tubs, measuring device, and sliders in stone cabinet, remove rugs and boot boy and place next to cabinets.
  5. Move wagon with the four empty pebble cans in it to the Butler building for storage near the west wall until next time.
  6. Lock all cabinets and doublecheck everything is put away.