The Missoula Curling Club is a non-profit organization that aims to introduce people to the sport of curling as well as organize recreational and competitive leagues.

League Championships this Saturday January 22, 2020

Champions to be Crowned for Competitive and Recreation Leagues this Saturday


The playoffs for Session 1 in both leagues has arrived with the top four teams from the regular season battling for Championship bragging rights!  This Saturday night from 9pm to midnight Champions for the Competitive and Recreation Leagues will be awarded.


In the Competitive Division, “Curly Fries” went 8-0 to earn the number 1 seed.  “Bear Ice” and the “Baby Broomers” both went 5-3 to tie for second.  The fourth team to qualify with a 4-4 league record was “TBD”.  “Curly Fries” will play “TBD” and “Bear Ice” will face “Baby Broomers” in the semifinals at 9:00pm.  The winners will meet for the Championship at 10:30.  The losers of the semis will play for 3rd place also at 10:30pm.


In the Recreation Division, “Sheet Happens” went 8-0 to earn the number 1 seed.  “Stones of Anarchy” finished 2nd with a 6-2 record.  “Snockey” was 3rd in the regular season at 5-3.  Finally “Seven Stones” ended up 4-4 and won a tie-breaker to make the playoffs as the 4th seed. “Sheet Happens” will play “Seven Stones” and “Stones of Anarchy” will face “Snockey” in the semifinals at 9:00pm.  The winners will meet for the Championship at 10:30.  The losers of the semis will play for 3rd place also at 10:30pm.


The ice schedule for Saturday’s playoff matches:


9:00pm – Semi-Finals

Sheet A – Open

Sheet B – Bear Ice vs Baby Broomers – Competitive

Sheet C – Sheet Happens vs. Seven Stones – Recreation

Sheet D – Curly Fries vs. TBD – Competitive

Sheet E -  Stones of Anarchy vs. Snockey – Recreation


10:30pm – Championship and 3rd Place Matches

Sheet A – Open

Sheet B – Loser of Sheet C vs. Loser of Sheet E – Recreation 3rd Place

Sheet C – Winner of Sheet B vs. Winner of Sheet D – Competitive Championship

Sheet D – Winner of Sheet C vs. Winner of Sheet E – Recreation Championship

Sheet E -  Loser of Sheet B vs. Loser of Sheet D – Competitive 3rd Place


Come out and see some great curling as our two league Champions are crowned!

Second Session Registration Open December 17, 2019

With our first winter league session well under way, we wanted to remind teams that are not playing yet that there is an opportunity to play in the second session. This session runs from February 1 - March 28, 2020.

Team registration is $430 and you may sign up here.

If you want to play, but do not have a team either fill out the registration for yourself or email us at missoulacurling [at] We will find you a team to join or put together a new team.

There are spots in both the competitive and recreational divisions and we will keep registration open until January 18.


Headgear Options November 06, 2019

As we kick off this brand-new season of curling some people have been asking about the curling safety gear that players, including myself, have been wearing. I have seen multiple players receive concussions from impacts with the ice. Speaking as someone who has had loved one have to deal with TBI, I can tell you that the brain is a delicate thing. Protect what you got!


Here are a few head gear options to check out. I know there are other options available, but I wanted to send links to safety gear that I have seen our membership wearing on the ice. I'm sure that I can speak for the other players out there, I would be more than happy to show you what I wear so you could check it out, first hand, some of these options.


The Crasche Curler


The Ice Halo HD


Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Baseball Hat


The Storelli Sports ExoShield Head Guard


Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Toque -


Please let me know if you have any questions! Good curling!