The Missoula Curling Club is a non-profit organization that aims to introduce people to the sport of curling as well as organize recreational and competitive leagues.

Curling Activities Suspended March 13, 2020

Having spent more than two days talking with local public health officials, consulting USA Curling recommendations and talking with other various local officials and leaders in the Missoula community, last night the MCC Board voted to cancel this April’s Big Sky Bonspiel. With the further developments of today, the board voted tonight to suspend the rest of Winter League 2 and cancel Spring League. As of now, sadly, there will be no more competitive curling until Fall 2020. The board did not make this decision lightly but we feel that it is the proper course of action to take in order to protect our club members, their families and the community.

Please, be well, be safe and good curling!

Spring League Curling March 06, 2020


We are restructuring our spring league this year to make it a little more friendly to individuals new to the sport.  This seven week league will begin with a three hour "Learn to Curl Boot Camp." During this first session we will teach new curlers everything from how to deliver a stone to how  to basic rules and game play. No experience or equipment is required. The club will provide everything you need to successfully enjoy the game of curling. All that is required is a good attitude and a pair of tennis shoes. Individauls and groups are welcome, but there is no need to have a team formed in order to play.

The seven week session will begin Friday April 10th and 6pm.  All curling will take place on the indoor ice at the Glacier Ice Rink. During the first three hour session we will divide into teams and start teaching players the basics of the game. League play will commence the following six weeks. There will be two 90 minute game slots each Friday evening (6-7:30 and 7:30-9). Your team can expect to play each week during one of those 90 minute sessions.  A schedule will be generated during or after the first evening, once teams have been formed.

The Missoula Curling Club is excited about your interest and participation in our spring league. Click here to register. Current club members log into your Missoula Curling Club account and click on 'My Profile.' Under 'Club Registration' click 'Edit my registration.' Then you will be able to add spring league and pay your dues. If you have any questions please feel to contact the membership director Harmen Steele.

Good Curling!

We need your help in the coming weeks February 08, 2020

Session two is off to a great start, but we have a couple of our favorite events coming up and need your help.

First, thanks to all of you who offered to help at the Paws Up Winter Festival Febraury 14-16. Due to warm temps, the event has been canceled this year.

But you still have a chance to help! We have Sentinel High School coming to learn to curl in March.

Every spring we have taught hundreds of students from Sentinel. The effort introduces a ton of kids to the sport and also shows the rink and community that we are here to serve Missoula as well as have fun.

There are several slots on March 11 and 12. Please sign up here.


Headgear Options November 06, 2019

As we kick off this brand-new season of curling some people have been asking about the curling safety gear that players, including myself, have been wearing. I have seen multiple players receive concussions from impacts with the ice. Speaking as someone who has had loved one have to deal with TBI, I can tell you that the brain is a delicate thing. Protect what you got!


Here are a few head gear options to check out. I know there are other options available, but I wanted to send links to safety gear that I have seen our membership wearing on the ice. I'm sure that I can speak for the other players out there, I would be more than happy to show you what I wear so you could check it out, first hand, some of these options.


The Crasche Curler http://crasche.com/product/crasche-protective-curler-hat


The Ice Halo HD http://www.icehalo.ca


Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Baseball Hat https://www.goldlinecurling.com/head-first-protective-curling-headgear-baseball-hat


The Storelli Sports ExoShield Head Guard https://www.amazon.com/Storelli-Sports-ExoShield-Head-Guard/dp/B00F6U5X06


Head First Protective Curling Headgear: Toque - https://www.goldlinecurling.com/head-first-protective-curling-headgear-toque


Please let me know if you have any questions! Good curling!