Missoula Curling Club Strategic Plan (2014-2020) 3/2/2019 edits


The mission of the Missoula Curling Club (MCC) is to foster, promote, and advance the understanding and development of the sport of curling in the Missoula, Montana Area.

GOAL 1: Promote curling through teaching the sport to the people of the Missoula area.

OBJECTIVE 1: Develop and deliver educational tools and clinics to people of the Missoula area.

ACTIVITY 1: Conduct clinics for area schools and the University of Montana.

ACTIVITY 2: Conduct Learn to Curl sessions for the general public at least once each year.

ACTIVITY 3: Maintain a comprehensive network to promote curling using various media outlets.

Project 1: Maintain and inform social media venues (such as the MCC website and Facebook) as major communication tools within the club and for the public. These dynamic social interfaces should provide information about the sport of curling, MCC events, the organization of the Club, links to the Dakoda Territories Curling Association (DTCA), Bonspiel information, membership and team registration, and other educational tools and information.

Project 2: Develop a media strategy to promote curling including advertising and other tools that will keep curling opportunities and events in the public eye.

Project 3: Create and maintain a Youth Committee and a Learn to Curl Instruction Committee to actively seek and manage new curling opportunities for the Missoula area.

Project 4: Seek out and host possible Learn to Curl sessions in adjacent or nearby communities.

OBJECTIVE 2: Maintain, operate, equip, and support the curling leagues and the annual bonspiels.

ACTIVITY 1: Develop and maintain curling leagues during the winter and spring seasons to provide opportunities for diverse recreational and competitive curling in Missoula.

ACTIVITY 2: Sponsor and organize at least one Bonspiel annually to provide opportunities for area curlers to host curlers from out of the area to enjoy curling in the Missoula area.

Project 1: Put on the Big Sky Bonspiel each spring.

Project 2: Develop feasibility and deliver a Bonspiel in nearby communities.

Project 3: Maintain a Bonspiel committee as the point of contact for Club Bonspiels and information conduit for out of the area Bonspiels

Project 4: Maintain a league Coordinating Committee and a lead to manage league business including league schedules and playoff draws.

Project 5: Each season, update and refresh curling equipment as part of Operations.


OBJECTIVE 3: Promote goodwill, sportsmanship and good welfare among MCC members

ACTIVITY 1: Sponsor club parties and events to foster member relationships

ACTIVITY 2: Coordinate league social events

Project 1: Host a beginning of the season membership party.

Project 2: Coordinate pot lucks each year during league play.

Project 3: Host an end of the curling season social event.

Project 4: Develop and maintain a Special Events Committee to promote club socials or other special public gathering opportunities such as open houses.

OBJECTIVE 4: Promote and develop the growth and capacity for curling opportunities and facilities in Missoula

ACTIVITY 1: Develop and maintain a strategic plan for curling capacity and facilities.

Project 1: Develop a committee to lead the expansion of ice time including the alternative of development of dedicated ice for curling in Missoula.

Project 2: Develop grants and or identify and pursue fund raising opportunities to expand curling opportunities and facilities in the Missoula area.

ACTIVITY 2: Continually evaluate organizational structure and explore


GOAL 2: Manage the MCC to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase work capacity.

ACTIVITY 1: Hire paid staff to undertake administrative tasks.

Project 1: Employ a league coordinator position to administer leagues.

Project 2: Hire a paid accountant part time to maintain fiscal functions.

Project 3: Develop a series of committees and appoint leads that will do the heavy lifting for specialized functions as part of the organization of the board of directors.

Project 4: Employ an intern to help the fiscal improvement of the club.

OBJECTIVE 2: Maintain a membership base of like-minded individuals who provide

basic financial support for operational needs and promote the mission, goals and objectives of the MCC.

ACTIVITY 1: Organize local events to engage membership and to raise

operational funds.

OBJECTIVE 3: Garner financial support from potential sponsors of the MCC.

ACTIVITY 1: Develop and maintain a 501c3 not for profit status with the IRS.

ACTIVITY 2: Develop MCC budget goals and formulate a fundraising


ACTIVITY 3: Identify timelines for granting cycles and apply for grants.

ACTIVITY 4: Cultivate relationships with possible donors such as service clubs.

Standing committees:

  1. League
  2. Operations
  3. Membership
  4. Dedicated Ice/Capital Campaign
  5. Bonspiel
  6. Communications
  7. Instruction
  8. Youth program
  9. Special Events
  10. General Board
  11. Merchandise