Each year we ask all members of the club to pay dues. The dues members pay go primarily to pay for insurance to protect players and the club from liabilities if someone is injured playing. Those costs have continued to increase but we are reducing our fees of last year to $70.

Some of those funds also go to the national curling association -- USA Curling -- and our regional curling group. Members receive the Curling News magazine as well as email updates.

We also continue to encourage people to volunteer to help run the club and our events and so we are offering a $25 rebate to people who volunteer four hours to the club. We'll have more on those opportunities in the coming weeks.

For those who are playing on larger teams in the rec league or are primarily subbing in to teams, you now have the option to become a social member of the club. This $22 level of membership allows you to play in 5 league games (winter and spring combined) during the year. Social members will not be members of USA Curling, but will have insurance.

For now, please renew your membership or join for the first time. Once you submit your application online, you will receive an invoice from the club to your email. You can print it out and mail it in with a check or simply pay online.