Winter League

Dates: 11/4/23 - 2/24/24 League Play; Playoffs 3/2/24 & 3/9/24


Competitive League

The top six ranked teams will make it into the playoffs. The top two ranked teams will get a bye the first week and advance into the semi-finals. Teams 3 - 6 will play on the first night to determine who will make it to the semi-finals. The schedule is posted below.

Recreation League

The top sixteen teams will make it into playoffs. It will be a single elimination bracket for the Rec League playoffs. The first night will be a series of one-hour, four-end games. The sweet sixteen games will happen during the first two hours. The Elite 8 will play during the third hour that night. The teams that advance to the final four will have their showdown on the final night, which will switch back to the standard 90 minutes and six-end format. The schedule is posted below.

MCC Winter League Opening and Closing Assignments


The Missoula Curling Club is a volunteer run organization. As such, we ask all the teams to participate in helping set up and clean up during the season. Each team is asked to open and close once this season. The tasks are very easy and do not take a lot of time if everyone shows up and participates. It is the responsibility of each skip to make sure his or her team arrives on time for the week assigned to help. A Board of Director or League/Membeship committee member has been assigned as a lead for opening and closing each week. They will assist, direct, and train everyone so the experience is a positive one and our league runs on time. Thank you in advance for participating. Assignments follow below.

Ice Prep

Opening Lead – Arrives early (one hour before start time). Fill Pebblers, open lockers, get prepped for ice preparation, coordinate/assign tasks for the Opening Teams as they arrive. Ultimate authority to make sure ice is ready by scheduled start time.

Opening Teams – Teams arrive no later than 30 minutes before start time. Lead will assign tasks from team members to complete the following tasks: Pebble ice, install hacks, distribute stones to sheets, crush pebble after pebbling is done, put scoreboards in place, string mop ice after crush, and start curling at scheduled time.

Closing Lead – Is the last to leave. Ultimate authority to make sure everything is put away, locked up, and properly cleaned.

Closing Teams – Following completion of your match, the lead will coordinate/assign tasks to complete the following items: make sure stones are put away, scoreboards off ice and put away, pebblers are drained and put away, all trash is picked up off ice, hacks are taken off ice and put away, all equipment is put away, and cabinets are locked.


A (Nov 4) Toby Benjamin A12: Uncrustables / B2 Claim Jumpers Matt Ellis B9 Broom for Jesus / A5 Kevin Rolling Stones
B (Nov 11) Bill Kinderwater A2 Sweep the Leg / B17 Curl Bosses Brian Louks A9 Baby Broomers / B15 Frenchtown Molar Bears
C (Nov 18) Matt Ellis A5 Kevin Rolling Stones / B20 Granola Bill Kinderwater A4 Curly Fries / B11 HHS Varsity
D (Dec 2) Brian Louks A10 Ice Cold Hackers / B4 Sweeping Beauties Jay Black A12 Uncrustable / B13 Seven Stones
E (Dec 9) Toby Benjamin A8 Stones of Anarchy / B3 Stay Frosty Bill Kinderwater A2 Sweep the Leg / B20 Granola
F (Dec 16) Craig Roth A1 Slider & the Family Stone / B10 El Gilderino Dave Strobel A7 Smokin Curlers / B1 REM Sweep
G (Jan 6) Harmen Steele A3 Fire and Broomstone / B6 Flatlanders & Friends Charlene Young B8 Snockey / B17 Curl Bosses
H (Jan 20) Jay Black A11 Sacred Stone / B12 HHS Junior Varsity Toby Benjamin B14 Ice Pack / B4 Sweeping Beauties
I (Jan 27) Charlene Young A9 Baby Broomers / B1 REM Sweep Craig Roth A1 Slider & Family Stone / B5 Ice Holes
J (Feb 3) Roger McLean B16 Sheet Happens / B7 Missoula College Bill Kinderwater A6 Taken for Granite / A8 Stones of Anarchy
K (Feb 10) Dave Strobel A4 Curly Fries / B5 Ice Holes Lee Banville B2 Claim Jumpers / B10 El Gilderino
L (Feb 17) Lee Banville B14 Ice Pack / B18 Curl Jam Roger McLean A3 Fire and Broomstone / A10 Ice Cold Hackers
M (Feb 24) Jay Black B8 Snockey / B19 Slippery When Wet Meredith Stewart B12 HHS Junior Varsity / B6 Flatlanders & Friends